Wednesday Weirdo Meets 600

It’s Wednesday, I’m a weirdo (as if you needed reminding) and this is the 600th post on Disaffected Musings. Who said there’s no method to my madness? 🙂


Famed writer, diplomat, political scientist and historian Alexis de Tocqueville wrote:


“Americans of all ages, all lifestyles and all types of predispositions always form associations. In democratic countries, knowledge of how to combine is the mother of all other forms of knowledge; the progress of all others depends on its progress.”


To me, implicit in de Tocqueville’s thought is that associations are always for the good. The American Nazi Party and Antifa are associations; are they good for progress among Americans?

Yes, perhaps I am using somewhat of a red herring by mentioning those two “groups.” Still, in this day and age of social media-fed bubbles, intent of association can be questioned and like virtually everything else associations are neither all good nor all bad.


This piece on Hagerty reports the sad news that Alfa Romeo’s plans to introduce a performance GTV coupe and 8C supercar are dead. Here is the depressing first paragraph:


“Former FCA chief executive Sergio Marchionne had big plans for Alfa Romeo, but now, it has been confirmed that those proposals are off under the company’s new leadership in the name of a ‘rationalized portfolio plan.’ In fact, next to a facelifted Giulia sedan debuting in 2021, all Alfa Romeo will give us in the future will be crossovers and SUVs, either with a hybrid system or a full electric drivetrain. That means the GTV coupé based on the Giulia’s rear-wheel-drive platform is cancelled and so is anything else that may remind you of a sports car, including the proposed mid-engine 8C.”


For a company with the history of Alfa Romeo this news is quite upsetting. It would be nice to see an automobile company zig while everyone else is zagging, but Alfa Romeo will not be that company.


Although the recently settled UAW strike will push the beginning of C8 Corvette production to February, the fact is the front-engine Corvette is no more. This Automobile Magazine article reports the results of test-driving the “ultimate” C7 Corvette, the ZR1. I liked this passage:


“Because it seems unfair, really, that the 2019 Corvette ZR1 has already become a thing of history, just another Vette in the model’s long and storied line. This is the culmination of not just the most recent generation of Corvette, but also the entire 66 years of the front-engine paradigm.”


While the aesthetics of the ZR1 are not really to my liking—I am not a fan of large wings on cars—I appreciate the sentiment expressed here. I fully understand the rationale behind the move to a mid-engine design and I hope the C8 is a huge success, but something important will leave the automotive landscape when the first C8s hit the road. From the Automobile Magazine article a picture of the “beast.”


2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 90









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2 thoughts on “Wednesday Weirdo Meets 600

  1. Antifa needs to be designated as a domestic terrorist group as does the American Nazi party. I think de Tocqueville’s definition was idealistic based on his admiration for our still-young country when he wrote it.

    That’s sad news about Alfa-Romeo. Alfa needs to be spun off to someone with the capital and enough gasoline in their blood to revive Alfa as a performance oriented make. They will wither and die under this regime.

    Like you, I don’t care for the wings. I understand on certain cars they serve a useful and aerodynamic purpose. Those cars belong on the track, not on the street. As an example, I thoroughly dislike all of those Porsches fitted with wings that are driven nowhere but on the street. When I see one on B-a-T I click right past it.


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