Last Saturday In October

I have a thought experiment. Think how elegantly sober quiets unruly actors’ delinquency.


My wonderful wife and I attended the fall edition of a car show held twice a year at a “local” casino/racetrack. Here are just three photos from the show as we have seen many of the cars before.



This is either a real 1936 Auburn or it isn’t. I strongly suspect the latter (no model badge on the grill, for example). It is a beautiful car, though, either way.



That looks like a lot of Corvettes, and it is, but was just a small fraction of the Vettes at this show.



Two “oddballs” at the show, a Ferrari 308 and a Lotus Esprit. For a show that doesn’t charge admission to spectators it is quite an event for car enthusiasts. I just wish more makes and eras of automobiles were represented. That’s my gripe with almost every car show.

I know I have an unusual interest in defunct American car companies, but remember that Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Mercury and Plymouth all fit in that category. Even though all of those companies produced cars in the 21st century (granting that’s just barely true for Plymouth) they are not usually well-represented at local car shows. This show did have a few GTOs and 442s, but they paled in comparison to the number of Camaros, Corvettes, Mustangs, 1970-ish Chevelles and Tri-Five Chevys.

A famous saying goes, “Variety is the spice of life.” Please let me know if you want more spice in this blog.






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    1. Yes, the car just doesn’t seem original. It is amazing how the Auburn, Cord, Duesenberg cars are still capable of such inspiration 80+ years after they ceased to be built.


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