Happy Birthday, Bill James/Z06 Corvette Dr

Obviously, today is Bill James’ birthday. I wish him a most happy day! Bill is really the father of modern sports analytics so, in a way, he is at the forefront of the analytics/big data movement in all of business. He has also been my friend for more than 30 years and his work was the inspiration for my sports career. Alles Gute zum Gerburtstag, Bill! From baseballwhispererblog.wordpress.com a picture of Bill:


See the source image



How old am I?! Yes, I ordered a “street” sign showing an “address” of Z06 Corvette Dr. Hey, you only live once…I wonder if Bill ever thought a picture of him would be shown next to a faux street sign that reads Z06 Corvette Dr?! Once more, the car that is inspiring this behavior:



Speaking of Corvettes, the C8 convertible has been officially revealed and it is a retractable hardtop! In my opinion that’s the only way to do it if at all possible. It’s like owning two cars for the price of one and I think much safer, for many reasons not all of which having to do with structural rigidity, than a soft-top. If you click this link and scroll down to the section titled “The Convertible Has Arrived” you can watch a video of the hardtop being lowered.

I’m reasonably sure that at some point in the not too distant future a C8 convertible will grace our garage.







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