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My thoughts are with one of my best friends, Bob. His mother is gravely ill.

Bob and I have been friends for 30 years. In that time we have experienced enough ups and downs to fill five lifetimes.

He is a real mensch. During a visit to us while we lived in Texas we were on our way back from a meal when we passed a pickup truck that was parked on a side street with the tailgate down and a large cardboard box in the street behind the truck. I thought nothing of it and continued driving. Bob insisted that we stop and offer help. We stopped and helped.

In my very broken Yiddish and Hebrew: Zei Gezundt, Mein Hahver!


It’s difficult to segue to cars, but I’ll just do it.

This post from Corvette Blogger is titled, “The Amazing Corvette Collection You Could Have Instead Of One Bugatti.” Bugattis are repugnant to me from the start because they are really nothing but Volkswagens in a fancy dress. I also think they are hideous in appearance. I have written that if beauty is only skin-deep and ugly is to the bone then Bugattis are skeletons. Without further ado, here is the list:


The Amazing Corvette Collection You Could Have Instead of One Bugatti


Here is more from the post:


“In the end, we ended up with 20 Corvettes spanning all eight generations, a total of 9,933 Horsepower, and we still had $314,100 leftover to continue adding to the collection as more mid-engine variants keep showing up. This kind of perspective makes the Bugatti look pretty trivial (looks already haven’t been a particularly strong point of modern Bugattis).”


Amen! Here are some random Corvette pictures:



Carpe Diem!






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