A Life Too Short

If you are not a frequent watcher of MotorTrend (Velocity in its previous incarnation) then the name Jessi Combs may not register. She was—sadly, that’s now the correct tense—a host of Overhaulin’ and one of the original hosts of All Girls Garage.

She was also a skilled mechanic and fabricator who seemed to live life all out. Well, in an attempt to break her own world speed record in a car she died in a crash yesterday.

Her life, short as it was—she died at 36, belonged to her. Still, no behavioral paradigm is always appropriate. You can’t enjoy life if you’re dead, no disrespect intended. Balls to the wall (metaphorically speaking) all the time cost Jessi Combs her life. (Some news sources are reporting her age as 39. Doesn’t really matter…)

I will miss her presence. My condolences to her family and friends.


4 thoughts on “A Life Too Short

  1. I feel your pain, but two things. First, she didn’t have balls…that I know of. Second, she took calculated risks, and still lost. Just like NASA did with Challenger, and several folks who went to the Pittsburg synagogue or the Pulse nightclub. Life is not fair; on the other hand, she could have lived 82 years in WV as a meth head grandma.
    R.I.P. young lady.


    1. Thank you! Very trite, indeed. She can no longer enjoy life or teach others or do anything else. No behavioral paradigm is always appropriate. No matter what she loved she is dead before the age of 40. She was not defending her family or her country; she was not helping others. Her death is not noble, in my opinion; it’s just a waste.

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