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Greetings, readers. Might as well write this now: after today I will only be posting sporadically, if at all, until after Labor Day. Actually, I didn’t want to include the “until after Labor Day” qualifier, but I think I really need this blog. Blogging is cheaper than therapy and almost as effective.

As I have expressed many times before, while I appreciate the loyal group of Disaffected Musings readers, I am not happy with the total number of views/visitors this blog receives. Complaining to the readers may seem counterproductive although it might spur some of you to get the word out about this blog. Suggestions any of you may have would also be appreciated.

Twitter has been virtually useless in driving traffic here and, of course, I will not use the criminal organization known as Facebook/Instagram. Maybe given the benefits I receive from writing I shouldn’t worry about traffic, but I have almost never heard of a blogger totally unconcerned with their traffic.


Has any of you ever attended Monterey Car Week? How about the Amelia Island Concours? Hopefully not getting ahead of ourselves or poisoning our “karma” we are thinking about things my wonderful wife and I really want to do after she retires. That event, hopefully, is not too far in the future.

We had such a great time at the Elegance at Hershey this past June that we want to experience similar events around the country. Although my wife receives a generous number of PTO days each year, we still can’t do everything we want until she is no longer working.


To those readers who actively invest in the equity and/or fixed income markets: has any of you given thought to liquidating your equity holdings in their entirety before the 2020 elections? That idea has begun to percolate in my brain.

Maybe I am falling victim to headline fear, but the yield curve and the trade situation make me nervous. I also know that if any Democrat other than Biden is elected President next November, stock prices will take a serious nosedive. If Trump is re-elected I am not sure what the equity markets will do. Maybe I just have too much time on my hands.


Yes, I have written that Frugal Friday will not return until after Labor Day. Still, I can show a car that interests me:



From this Hemmings ad are two photos of a 1961 Pontiac Bonneville Bubble Top. Actually, this wouldn’t count as a Frugal Friday post, anyway, since the seller is asking almost $35,000.

Unless we experience an unexpected and significant increase in our net worth I will not be spending this kind of money on a companion to my Z06 Corvette. Still, I am quite smitten.

See you when I see you…









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8 thoughts on “What To Say Today

  1. Companies have been cooking their books for years now, and covering things up with stock buybacks. The GE dust up re long term healthcare obligations is an example.
    Also, when the consumer continues to pile on debt but does not get a meaningful pay raise, at some point the chickens will not only come home to roost, but will sh🤬t all over the coop.
    As an example, I am with my lively-and lovely(spell check is the devil’s work) wife at Macy’s and the place is packed-with employees but not with bag carrying customers. The fall merchandise is competing with the unsold summer merchandise. And for some reason, Macy’s buyers still believe the average consumer wears a size 2 or has a 30 inch waist and a 16 inch neck.
    I recently went risk off to reduce debt and to have cash.


  2. For what it’s worth, I’ve spent lots of good times and bad times in the market. Until I retired, I’ve never faltered in my allocation model of moderately aggressive. There were years when I took some hits, but when the market’s down, that’s a buying opportunity and a time to hold. Each downturn presented a larger and more profitable upturn, but you gotta be in there for the long haul. I would always increase my monthly contribution to the fund family I owned.

    Once I retired, I became more conservative as I don’t have many years to recover from major downturns. I now only have one investment vehicle in the market and that a conservative placement. The others are now fixed and will remain so. That strategy did me well for over 40 years. I never left the market early or bought in late.. both an invitation to lose opportunity.


      1. No doubt that it’s not the time to jump fully into the current market. I’d consider lowering my monthly contribution right now given the unstable conditions. Your mileage may vary. 🙂


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