What Do You Write When You Have Nothing To Say?

I have nothing this morning. I have not been feeling well (physically and mentally) for quite some time. Anyway…I found this interesting. William H. McNeill was a noted historian, author and professor. From this post comes these words from McNeill:


“Most historians disdain myths, believing that their job is to dispel error by showing how shorthand, mythical interpretations of the past fail to explain all the facts. Yet myth is more subtle than such practitioners admit.”

“Historians’ assaults on myth are themselves based on a myth: the faith that facts speak for themselves, that infinite detail somehow organizes itself into meaningful patterns without the intervention of human intelligence, and that historical truth resides in faithful transcription of recorded words and deeds.”

“…Truth, in short, does not reside in exact recording of every detail. It never has. Instead, it resides in myth–generalizing myths that direct attention to what is common amid diversity by neglecting trivial differences of detail.”


I interpret McNeill’s words, in part, to mean that human bias is unavoidable. For example, what is a “trivial difference of detail?”

I am a person who much prefers facts to opinions. However, even I acknowledge that “facts” can be subject to interpretation.


I was hoping for more responses about favorite Corvette generations in terms of styling. Only C/2 offered any thoughts. I guess I thought more Corvette fans read this blog than is perhaps the case. On the other hand, the vast majority of people who read blogs never post comments. Trying to encourage comments is the main reason I try to reply to every one.


This article from Automobile Magazine is about the new electrical system in the C8 Corvette. However, I could not find any reference as to whether it is a 48-volt system, a 12-volt system or something else. General Motors calls the new system “Global B.” GM also said that this new system will “scale” its way onto almost all of its vehicles by 2023.

From the article: “Global B was developed to handle roughly five times the data flow as GM cars on the road today, as much as 4.5 terabytes of data processing power per hour, according to the automaker.” Many of us have described today’s cars as computers on wheels. This system is simply reinforcement that the description is quite apt.



From Chevrolet’s website about the C8 a “captured” picture of the new Corvette.







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