Sullen Sunday

I am a troubled person. For most of my life I have been a high-achiever and cannot, apparently, get used to a “life” where I am, basically, a non-achiever. I will not present my bona fides again, but suffice to say that it would not have been fair if I had been made ugly and brain-dead. (Apologies to my wonderful wife who, not surprisingly, is not a fan of that last statement.)

I am also cursed with a brain that will not allow me to work on something in which I do not have a high level of intrinsic interest. The longest I have ever stayed in a non-baseball office job is one year. Is that ADD? OCD? WGAF? I CANNOT sit at a desk, in front of a computer screen (or two or three) doing someone else’s bidding 40+ hours a week, just like someone with Type 1 Diabetes cannot consume large quantities of sugar/carbohydrates. Actually, there’s no insulin analogue for my brain.

When I do find something in which I am interested, however, I am extremely satisfied. I remember how happy I was when in my first full-time baseball job I stumbled on to thinking about which minor league player was the best prospect in all of baseball. I spent most of the next 20 years evaluating minor league players using original mathematical models.

Currently, when I am watching a car auction or thinking/reading about cars that interest me I get a tremendous feeling of satisfaction almost bordering on euphoria. This blog is an attempt to create that feeling more often.

I realize, of course, that I have much for which to be grateful and that many would trade places with me. However, a life as a high-achiever creates expectations. People do not really judge life against objective reality, but against expectations and the status quo. I have used this example before, but the Arizona Cardinals would be happy with an 8-8 record in 2019 while that would be a disaster for the New England Patriots even though it would be the same record.


A local Corvette club hosts a car gathering the first Saturday of every month from April through October. My wonderful wife and I attended the get-together yesterday. We are not members, but after an enjoyable experience yesterday she might join. Besides the many nice Corvettes people are encouraged to bring whatever collector car they own, Corvette or not. Here are pictures of two cars I really liked, one Corvette and one not.



The top photo is of a 1995 Corvette while the bottom is of a 1966 Buick Electra 225 convertible. I had originally posted that I thought it was a ’65, but 56packardman corrected me. We have found that most people who attend events like this are very polite and friendly and we usually enjoy ourselves. If I could only find a way to make a living in an endeavor that was connected to cars…








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  1. The Buick is a ’66. The ’65s have a horizontal bar across the grille that is missing on the ’66 and the mesh in the grille on the ’66 is finer than on the ’65.


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