Happy 30th, Seinfeld

Yesterday TBS aired a Seinfeld marathon in honor of the 30th anniversary (!) of the first airing of the series pilot. While Seinfeld is not my favorite TV show ever or even my favorite sitcom I do/did enjoy watching it and appreciate its significance.

I think that while the show itself had moments that were brilliant its legacy is not of brilliance. The show’s internal motto of “No hugging, No learning” has spawned a whole class of humorless alleged sitcoms about stupid people saying and doing stupid things. These shows know some of the words to Seinfeld, but none of the music. Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David are intelligent people and Seinfeld was usually an intelligent show even if it was about unintelligent (and selfish) people.

A tangent: I was once considering writing a book on the most successful US TV shows based on analysis of Nielsen ratings. I would have used methodology similar to that which I used in the books I wrote/co-wrote about the greatest football/baseball teams of all time. In this analysis the last season of Seinfeld was the highest rated TV show for one season of any show for the entire period to be covered in the book, from 1960 through 2004. Talk about going out on top…of course, more people may have watched when it was revealed that it would be the last season.

From wired.com a picture of the cast of Seinfeld:


See the source image


The oppressively humid weather we’re experiencing here now (yesterday the dew point was 76° at one point, feh!) really makes me long for drier climes. Ah yes, I remember:



If we lived out there I wonder if I could get a part-time/consulting job with Barrett-Jackson. Oh, the picture was taken in Scottsdale, Arizona in January, 2019.

A picture of a car sold at that auction, a most fetching 2002 Maserati GT Sport Coupe:


2002 MASERATI M128 GT SPORT COUPE - Side Profile - 227390


The car hammered for $17,000 meaning the buyer paid $18,700 all in. Hey, Jerry Seinfeld maybe you should be collecting these instead of German cars.








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