Happy July 4th!/Independence Day!

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From vahistorical.wordpress.com a picture of the 48-star US flag of 100 years ago. Of course, this was actually the flag from 1912 through 1959. Please don’t tell me that I have to write that the number of stars on the flag corresponds to the number of states. I guess I just wrote it, anyway. New Mexico and Arizona were admitted to the Union in 1912 to make 48 states. Alaska and Hawaii were admitted in 1959 to make 50 states.


Most auto enthusiasts know that the Ford Model T dominated car sales from its introduction in 1908 until the end of its production in 1927, although Ford sales declined every year from 1923 through the last full year of Model T production in 1926. Below are the top eight selling US makes 100 years ago. My apologies if I’ve shown this chart before:


    1919 Model Year Production
1 Ford 820,445
2 Chevrolet 129,118
3 Buick 119,310
4 Dodge 106,000
5 Willys-Overland 80,853
6 Oakland 52,124
7 Maxwell 50,000
8 Oldsmobile 39,042


Obviously the figures for Dodge and Maxwell are estimates. 1919 was also the year the Ford family became sole owners of Ford Motor Company with Edsel named as President.

Automobile production nearly doubled in 1919 compared to 1918 even though cars were in relatively short supply due to strikes and to material shortages, like for coal. Remember that the Great War (later known as World War I) only ended in November, 1918.

From prewarbuick.com a (grainy) picture of a 1919 Buick H-45 Touring:


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The H-45 was not the top of the line Buick, that was the H-50 priced at $2,585. Priced at $1,595 approximately 45,000 H-45s were built in 1919 comprising about 40% of Buick production and making it Buick’s most popular car.

Have an enjoyable, safe and sane Fourth!







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4 thoughts on “Happy July 4th!/Independence Day!

  1. And a Happy 4th to you and your bride! I imagine that a cruise in her new wheels is on the agenda for the day! πŸ™‚

    It’s interesting to see those production figures – not to mention that Maxwell and Oldsmobile are no longer made -nor is Oakland (which became Pontiac). Overland is gone as are Willys cars, but Willys lives on as Jeep. Who would have guessed how all of this would sort out over the 100 years since 1919?!?! πŸ™‚


    1. Happy 4th to you and your bride! Yes, no one can really see the future. History is replete with examples of the folly of human beings trying to predict the future.


  2. Congratulations to your wife on her new set of wheels! Not to be TOO picky; but the holiday is Independence Day. The Fourth of July is a day on the calendar. I get testy about the nation that has provided so much to so many people, many who appreciate her and so many that do not understand with what they have been blessed.. I know you and your family do appreciate.


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