Monday Mini Musings

A change in our garage may happen today. Stay tuned…


Life is what happens after you leave your comfort zone.


Thanks once more to 56packardman and to the readers of the Studebaker and Packard forums. The WordPress week ending yesterday recorded the second highest number of weekly views/visitors for Disaffected Musings. The month of June was the third highest (of 18) in terms of views/visitors. I am still readying my stick for eye-poking, though, as I would like to write about new records and not near-records within the same range. Sorry, I remain convinced that this blog should have 5-10 times the number of views/visitors it actually receives.


A couple of car pictures…



From the Elegance at Hershey a picture of an Osca/Fiat 1185 Touring Coupe Prototype.



The picture I will see in my office for July, a 1964 Oldsmobile Starfire.







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4 thoughts on “Monday Mini Musings

  1. As you most likely know that Starfire shared its body with Pontiac’s Grand Prix.

    I need to do an internet search for more photos of that Osca/Fiat prototype. It looks to be a very handsome car!

    I’m glad our friends at SDC and PI have been paying you visits! 🙂


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