Frugal Friday, Solstice/Sky Edition

Since last night’s Big Bang Theory series finale I cannot get the show’s theme song or “Soft Kitty” out of my head. I thought it was a good, not great, end to the show. I know it’s TV and I have to “suspend my disbelief,” but Sheldon’s reverting to his obnoxious and self-centered personality after winning the Nobel Prize in Physics only to have an epiphany of selflessness while accepting the prize seemed somewhat forced and inorganic to me. Yes, it’s America and people want a happy ending. That was delivered, for sure. Once again, while no one connected with the show will ever read this I offer my thanks to the cast and crew. I am sad that The Big Bang Theory will no longer be produced.


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From a picture of the cast of The Big Bang Theory.



A recent photo by yours truly of a Pontiac Solstice Coupe. I don’t think I had ever seen one in person until this. While a Solstice has been featured in a previous Frugal Friday, and I have written about it and its close cousin—the Saturn Sky, I have not featured both of them in a Frugal Friday post.

Obviously I am a big fan of these cars. While they shared the same platform they did not share any sheet metal. I like the looks of the Sky more than the Solstice, but I think both cars are quite handsome.

My wonderful wife and I have both test driven a Sky, although not in Red Line spec. The Sky Red Line and Solstice GXP had a 2-liter/122 cubic-inch, turbocharged four-cylinder engine that produced 260 HP/260 LB-FT of torque, which still might be the highest specific output of any GM engine ever. An available dealer installed option was a modified computer tune and two new sensors that resulted in an increased output to 290 HP/340 LB-FT.


July, 2020 Update:

Originally I showed a 2007 Solstice GXP with 37,000 miles and an asking price of $14,490 along with a 2007 Sky Red Line with 51,000 miles and a list price of $10,990. Both cars were sold a long time ago so AutoTrader took the pictures and/or links off its website. I’m not going to bother finding generic replacements for the photos. Back to the original post:


It’s hard for me to imagine two more interesting cars that are so affordable. For the nth time the average “transaction price” of a new vehicle in the US is approaching $40,000. The list price of both of these cars combined is only about $25,000. A shout-out to David Banner who suggested a feature like this.

Since it is likely I will begin revealing my Ultimate Garage 2.0 tomorrow and since that reveal, along with the cars that just missed the cut, will take about two weeks, Throwback Thursday and Frugal Friday will not appear until after Ultimate Garage 2.0 is finished.

The straw that breaks the camel’s back doesn’t even have to be as heavy as the other straws…








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11 thoughts on “Frugal Friday, Solstice/Sky Edition

  1. We can thank Bob Lutz, a genuine “Gear Head”, that we had cars like the Sky and the Solstice. He was on the cusp of turning Pontiac around and restoring it to glory when, at the insistence of the Obama regime during the GM bankruptcy, that Pontiac be shuttered.


    1. Thanks, 56packardman. Yes, Lutz was the driving force behind the Solstice/Sky. Sometimes, though, events are beyond our control.

      Do you have a preference between the Solstice and Sky?


  2. I once considered the Solstice for our second car in Arizona. Decided that it was just too small. Barely room for groceries in the trunk. >grin< Found our "Orange Pony", 2004 Mustang a short time later.


  3. My son-in-law bought a black Solstice new in 2006. He still has the car and drives it daily. On occasion, he takes the car to Inde Motorsports Ranch in Willcox, AZ when his car club has a track day. I know of his desire to “hot rod” the car if it wasn’t his “daily” and for a lack of excess funds for such frivolous activities. I went out and bought the four editions of Hot Rod Magazine where they modified a Solstice with an LS-7 engine and numerous other goodies and presented they to him as a gift. When and if I win the lottery, one of the benefactors of the winnings will be a “gift” to Jon so he can acquire a new “daily” and enough funds for him to install an LS-3 in his Solstice.


    1. Great to hear from you, Philip! I have read about V8 modified Solstices, but think the extra weight over the nose would compromise handling. What do I know, anyway?!


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