Throwback Thursday, The Big Bang Theory Edition

Tonight the 279th and last episode of The Big Bang Theory will air on CBS. The show is the longest running multi-camera (usually meaning live audience) sitcom in TV history. While in my opinion it is not as funny as it was in the first five seasons or so, it is still an enjoyable half-hour of TV, of which there are very few as far as I am concerned. I have to admit that I am sad that the show is ending.

While no one associated with the show will ever read this, thanks to all the cast and crew for so many wonderful moments over 12 seasons.


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From The Mary Sue a picture of the original cast of The Big Bang Theory.



The Big Bang Theory debuted in September, 2007. Speaking of 2007, this is a picture of my 2007 Corvette. My life was much different then than it is today. Then, I had a successful baseball operations/player personnel consulting business. My wonderful wife and I were living in Texas. The iPhone was first released in 2007; over one billion of them have been sold.

When I sold this Corvette after the collapse of my business in October, 2010 I didn’t think I would ever own another one. Thanks to my wonderful wife and to years of successful investing in the equity and fixed income markets I, of course, am back in the Corvette saddle again. However, the ’07 remains the only Corvette that I purchased new and that may never change.






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4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday, The Big Bang Theory Edition

  1. Does your point about never buying another new Corvette bode poorly for the car industry. Due to a change in work circumstances (all good) I now have to give up the company car and buy my own. I am not looking at a new car, but a used three year old model that will last five or seven years. And by doing so, in two years getting a “weekend driver”.
    Now in order for me to buy used, someone has to buy new, but if too many people think like me, what does the future hold?


    1. With the inevitability of fleet-owned autonomous cars I don’t doubt that the future of the auto industry will be much different than its present. Still, for the five quarters from Jan 2018 through Mar 2019 almost a quarter-million pony cars were sold.


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