Goodbye, Mr. Tudball

My condolences to the family and friends of Tim Conway. He brought so much laughter to so many people he could be considered a national treasure. Not a fan of YouTube as it is part of the Google Evil Empire, but here is a Mr. Tudball/Mrs. Wiggins sketch.


I am, once again, “under the weather.” I have a viral infection in my throat that last night gave me the second worst sore throat I’ve ever experienced, second only to the throat pain I felt when I was stricken with mononucleosis in college. It’s only been two months since I got over the nasty upper respiratory bug that knocked me out for almost a month. Any ideas as to how I can avoid being sick like this?


What was Albert Einstein doing when he wrote the four papers that marked his annus mirabilis? Surely he was a professor at an esteemed institution. Wrong! He was working as a clerk at the Swiss Patent Office.

It was a priest (Giovanni Caselli) who invented the fax machine, not someone with a Ph.D. in a science discipline. By the way, the fax is older than the telephone. Caselli’s fax system used telegraph infrastructure.

As I have written before (including here) America is drowning in credential-ism. I must once again rant against the system. My alma mater bestowed upon me an Alumni Award of Excellence. Despite receiving rave reviews from the students I taught there in a couple of classes, the school could not see its way clear to allow me to teach 1-2 classes a semester of my choosing probably because I don’t have a Ph.D. I have accomplished more in sports than any Ph.D. in Sports Management. I have accomplished more in my field than most Ph.D.s regardless of field.

My recent talk at my alma mater received rave reviews from the education professionals in the audience. How is it that the school cannot find a role for me?

Academic achievement is not the only type of achievement that matters or should matter, even in the venue of academia. Accreditation and other such fiefdom-protection schemes are solely for the purpose of limiting and controlling competition. Institutions of “higher learning” have become ossified structures overcome by political correctness and fiefdom protection. Maybe I’m just howling at the moon, but if I don’t express these thoughts on occasion, I will really go crazy.


To soothe my soul:



The Red Rocket aka my 2016 Corvette Z06.








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6 thoughts on “Goodbye, Mr. Tudball

  1. My wife has me taking Oregano oil on a regular basis… I put two little drops in a glass of V8 juice in the morning, well, most mornings. The Oregano oil pretty much overpowers anything it’s put in and it actually burns if you get it on your skin and can kill you if you take too much… I won’t recommend you try it, but, I would recommend you read up on it or, “Google” it… ha, ha… make your own call. “they” say there are benefits, it fights infection, bacterial infections, respiratory infections, and stomach upset. Supposedly an ancient remedy. I don’t get sick, so… I can’t really say for sure, though. My wife is also a proponent of CBD (Cannabis) oil… I’m a little leery of that, but, I have tried it… I’ve also read that it can cause liver damage in some people. I’ve recently been diagnosed type 2 diabetic… I’ve heard claims from people I know that they were about to stop shooting insulin thanks to CBD oil. I may try it after I’ve been through it all with the doctor… blood work tomorrow. Hope you feel better soon and find a way to “be well” more often.


    1. Carl! You have the honor (you might not see it that way 🤪) of having the 1,000th published comment on Disaffected Musings.

      Many thanks for the advice. I think my Ashkenazi Jew genome is simply difficult to defeat. Take care.

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