Again, Somber Sunday

Ignorance is not only not bliss, it is dangerous. Narcissism is almost always dangerous, whether it manifests itself as people driving as if they’re the only ones that matter or as people thinking they have the right to murder innocents because they belong to a group they hate. I’m not going to show the statistics about the Jews’ domination of the Nobel Prizes and Fields Medals.

Don’t think that the San Diego synagogue shooting is an isolated incident of anti-Semitism. My wonderful wife and I used to dine regularly at a certain restaurant. The more I ate there, the more anti-Semitic remarks I heard. It reached a point where it seemed almost every table had at least one anti-Semite. About two years ago we stopped eating there. I once ate at this place five consecutive days and had many days when I ate breakfast and lunch there. I simply wasn’t going to continue to break bread in a room filled with anti-Semites.

Unfortunately, it’s going to come to the day when all places of worship will need to have armed guards.



7 thoughts on “Again, Somber Sunday

  1. Unfortunately, it won’t just be places of worship that will need to be protected but places of gathering by people of a certain persuasion.

    The problem is this kind of behavior is being tolerated if not encouraged with a wink and a nod. Some moron on CNN yesterday stated that the Charlottesville protesters chanting “The Jews will not replace us” and “Blood and Soul” were chanting about removing Confederate statues, as if General Lee was a persecuted Christian. As Rachel Maddow likes to say, “Don’t believe what people say, but believe what people do.”


    1. Yes, of course it’s not just places of worship, but they seem to be the target de jour.

      35,000-40,000 people die every year in the US at the wrong end of a firearm…something HAS to change.


  2. I gave this post a “like” because, unfortunately WordPress doesn’t have ‘Sad’ or ‘Angry’ as choices. We live in dangerous times. I feel sorry for my grandchildren.


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