Wednesday Wishes

I wish merit mattered more and political correctness and fiefdoms mattered less.

Notwithstanding wish #1 I wish people were less strident in their views. In the big picture none of us knows very much at all.

I wish the epidemic of narcissism would abate. The world would be a MUCH better place.

I wish my wonderful wife would feel comfortable enough about our finances so that she would retire.

I wish I could have just one year without any physical maladies.


Speaking of wishes:


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The top picture is from (and is shown here, the About page of this blog), the bottom from Any regular reader knows of my feelings about the De Tomaso Longchamp. If you said I had to pick one car as the best-looking car ever, this would be it. The exterior was designed by Tom Tjaarda of Ghia. That guy could draw some cars! Jalopnik called him “one of the defining automotive designers of the 20th century.”

Since only about 400 Longchamps were produced—despite being made for more than 15 years—and since most of them were sold in Europe, I doubt I will ever own one. The Longchamp was an original hybrid, meaning a foreign body design but an American drive train.

From the Wikipedia article about the Longchamp:

“The Longchamp featured a long and wide hood to accommodate the American power train, i.e. the 351 cubic inch (5,769 cc) Ford Cleveland V8. The 351 Cleveland, a popular and very potent engine in early 1970s Ford “muscle cars,” was the same unit as that used in the Pantera. It produced a minimum of 330 hp and gave the Longchamp an official 240 km/h (149 mph) top speed. After Ford USA stopped manufacturing the 351 Cleveland V8, De Tomaso sourced them from Ford Australia. The standard gearbox was a three-speed Ford C-6 Cruise-o-Matic automatic gearbox, however around 17 cars were equipped with a five-speed ZF manual gearbox. The suspension was independent front and rear with coil spring and wishbone suspension. Steering was power assisted rack and pinion with vented disc brakes all around, the rear discs being positioned inboard.”

So the car was not just a pretty face.

This would be my first lottery car no matter what machinations were required to acquire it. Obviously, this will be in Ultimate Garage 2.0 just as it was in the first Ultimate Garage I posted.

Speaking of Ultimate Garages, I am still hoping some more of you will submit yours. Be advised, though, I may post them here… 🙂





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3 thoughts on “Wednesday Wishes

  1. Ken,
    I wish you will get your wish, but I also wish you were right about being able to ignore the rest of the world. Jeff Bezos couldn’t. Elon Musk can’t. And Irwin Jacobs, former part owner of the Vikings killed himself and his wife.
    Money can potentially insulate us from the world, but we still have to deal with the people who grow our food, fix our cars, and install our cable.


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