Tuesday Bomb

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Oh, it’s bombe, silly me. From refinery29.com a picture of what looks like a delicious chocolate bombe or bombe glacée.

I love chocolate, which as a diabetic can be a bit of an issue. Since I prefer dark or bittersweet chocolate to milk chocolate and I do have some willpower, I can enjoy myself without feeling too guilty.

Life is too short to be unhappy on purpose.


I am still hoping that readers other than David Banner will submit their Ultimate Garage. Again, it should be 5-10 cars and you can pick the criteria. My only suggestion is that the cars should be more stock than modified except where modified cars are a significant part of the market for those cars.


According to HumanProgress.org:


In 1820, 94 percent of the world’s population lived in extreme poverty. (They defined that as earning less than $1.90 a day adjusted for purchasing power.)

In 1990 that number was 34.8 percent.

In 2015 that number was 9.6 percent.


From the same information:

“Put differently, of those who live in extreme poverty, over 40 percent resided in just two nations: India and Nigeria.

Since its economic liberalization reforms in 1991, India’s average income has increased by 7.5 percent per year. That means that average income has more than tripled over the last quarter century. As wealth increased, the poverty rate in India declined by almost 24 percent. But most significantly, for the Dalits – the poorest and lowest caste in Indian society – the poverty rate during this period declined even faster, by 31 percent. That means that in the nation that has by far the largest number of people in extreme poverty, it is the people at the very bottom of the social strata who are getting richer faster.

A similar trend can be seen in Nigeria. Since the new millennium, gross domestic income per capita has increased by over 800 percent, from $270 to over $2,450. There is much work to be done, but this level of progress shows that even in the poorest countries, the speed of economic growth is encouraging.”


Unfortunately in my opinion, people don’t know this information and/or don’t judge themselves by it. People are entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, not a comfortable life without working for it. As I have written before, it is also not in the best interest of politicians to admit that conditions are improving. If things are getting better then why do we need more government programs? Please don’t take any politician’s remarks at face value and remember they all have an agenda.


Back to the Ultimate Garage or does stream of consciousness mean consciousness?! 🙂

In Modern Classics, The Great Cars of the Postwar Era by Rich Taylor this car received the longest write-up of any in the book:


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From wallpaperup.com a picture of a Shelby 427 Cobra. Taylor was in awe of this car. Read this, please:


“What would possess you to unleash such a wicked bit of savagery on the unsuspecting world, this brutal Frankenstein’s monster of a car? Well, it was pretty easy, really. When Chevrolet decided to stuff their big-block 396 and then the 427 into the Corvette, Ford felt that Shelby had no choice but to match it…The Cobra 427 is a damn brute is what it is and too much car for almost everybody. Of course, that’s the beauty of it, too, and the reason I’d give my eyeteeth to own one.”


One would easily lose count of all the companies all over the world making replicas of these cars. The Cobra design is timeless with all of the proportions just right. The original 427 and 289 Cobras are now extraordinarily valuable. According to Hagerty, a 427 Cobra in good condition, not excellent or concours, is worth $1,850,000. A 289 Cobra in good condition is worth $950,000. This disparity differs from commentary I have recently heard stating the 289 Cobra is now more valuable than the 427. Either way, they are above my pay grade.

If readers start submitting their Ultimate Garages I would be surprised if this car isn’t on a lot of lists.





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