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Of all of the fun things that happened yesterday receiving this book in the mail didn’t really take a back seat to any of them. It is an updated version of one of my go-to books: History of the American Auto by the Auto Editors of Consumer Guide®. While yearly historical narratives for 2006 and up were not included, the book does show pictures of automobiles for the more recent period along with detailed captions.


So when my wonderful wife asks me what I want to do on my birthday I, of course, tell her I want to see some nice cars. Because we didn’t want to eat lunch too late we nixed driving to the Classic Auto Mall I have mentioned before. Instead, we drove to the closest McLaren dealer hoping to see McLarens as well as other exotic makes. We were a little disappointed that there were few cars there other than McLarens, but it was still a fun trip.



Obviously this is a picture from inside the showroom. A shout-out to Adam who was so nice to us yesterday and who even gave me a birthday present, a very nice McLaren hat.



A picture of a used McLaren 570S coupe in what I believe is called Volcano Orange. You can probably see the dealer is asking $149,999 for this car. At this level of automobile I don’t really know if a potential customer can bargain over the price. Of course, if one can afford a McLaren maybe you don’t care about bargaining.


McLarens are manufactured in England and speaking of the UK no one has answered my question about Brexit. Despite all of the machinations of the UK Parliament including very heavy signaling of their opposition to a No-Deal Brexit, can’t the EU simply force such an outcome? Once again I offer my opinion that I think the UK government should respect the result of the Brexit vote. Otherwise, I think that cheapens democracy in the UK. My 2¢.




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8 thoughts on “I Love Books!

      1. In my opinion democracy becomes dangerous if important votes can be changed easily. What happens if the results of a second referendum are to stay in the EU and then people are unhappy and vote to leave three years later in a third?

        I think the problem is the UK Parliament, which wants to override the vote because the majority of MPs don’t agree with the result. Also, and although no one has confirmed this to me, unless the UK revokes Article 50 I think the EU can just tell them, “Hey, enough; you’re out.”


      2. I’m not sure about the EU rules, I’m just following the news about the UK. Though I must say I’m against the EU. I think it a bad idea that should never have happened. So maybe I’m a touch prejudiced.


      3. I think it’s fine to have a customs union to facilitate trade, but I think each country should have the right to govern itself. It seems as though many Europeans think the EU has overstepped.


      4. I don’t know about the Europeans. What I do know is that the EU has proven time and again that it is anti-Israeli, which is the new form of antisemitism, which in its’ turn means a form of Hate. I have to be against Hate of any kind…


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