Better Late Than Never

Happy Birthday to Marcus Allen! (and to me…)


OK, can those of you reading in the UK correct me if I’m wrong? The British Parliament seems obsessed with voting against a No-Deal Brexit. However, can’t the EU force the matter? Can’t they say, “You’ve had enough time and enough extensions, the UK and EU are now severed, deal or not?”

For better or for worse the UK people voted to leave the European Union. The British government should respect the results of the vote. Democracy shouldn’t mean to keep having elections until one side gets the result they want.




A grainy and belated photo (sorry) of the fetching Camille Booker, a Barrett-Jackson bidders assistant and auctioneer in her own right, during the January auction in Scottsdale. This picture does not do her justice. It is no coincidence, I’m sure, that she is on the stage during the auctions so that she receives much airtime during the broadcasts.


Seventy model years ago (1949, in other words) Ford introduced a totally revamped body style:


See the source image


From a picture of a 1949 Ford. Besides the slab fenders and more streamlined shape, the car also featured a new frame, the engine was moved forward for more room in the passenger compartment, and the torque-tube style driveshaft was replaced with a “modern” one. (Of course, all Corvettes since the C5 have a torque-tube driveshaft and those cars are hardly anachronisms.)

For the nth time I will state that I am not a big FoMoCo fan because of the company’s founder, but I like to give credit where credit is due. American cars changed a lot for the 1949 model year as the Big Three simply manufactured and sold slightly remade versions of their pre-war cars through the 1948 model year.


Time for breakfast with my wonderful wife! Have a great day!




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  1. Happy Birthday! And thanks for the Shoebox Ford post, one of my favorite cars, but I do not think it makes into my Ultimate Garage.


  2. You sneaky devil. You tried to sneak it past us that it’s your birthday 🎂!!! Have a great breakfast with your wonderful better half.


  3. Here’s a little entertainment for you on your special day: a moron crashing a Lamborghini while trying to show off on a public street.


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