Omnium Gatherum

I had to take this picture this morning from the end of my driveway.

Don’t worry, photobyjohnbo, my photographs will never approach yours in quality.


This was in my Twitter feed (@RulesofLogic1):


“File under: Socialism destroys what it pretends to defend.

Spain. Government decided to raise minimum wage 22% in January.

Social Security Affiliation fell 136,000 and unemployment rose by 87,000 in January and February.”


Socialism doesn’t work!


See the source image


Wow! Double Wow! From a picture of a 1955 Chrysler Ghia ST Special. A car like this was just offered for sale at the recently concluded Mecum auction in Glendale, Arizona. The car didn’t sell, but the high bid was $450,000.

Do you really care about the drive train? OK, this car was powered by a 331 cubic-inch Chrysler Hemi V-8 rated at 250 HP/340 LB-FT of torque. It had a 2-speed Powerflite automatic transmission.

Ghia is a famous Italian coachbuilder and this car is yet another example of what I call an original hybrid: American drive train with European styling. This car also has an American chassis; in this case a Chrysler New Yorker chassis.

According to the Mecum listing this car was the last design in the collaboration between legendary stylist Virgil Exner and Ghia chief Luigi Segre that lasted from 1951-1955. Only four examples of this car were produced in 1955.

An aside: for an auction that was only announced last November, the docket at the Mecum Glendale auction was very impressive. I just wish Mecum would allow its online lot photos to be captured. I mean, it’s not like someone else can sell the car once it’s been consigned.

I posted about a similar car, the Dual-Ghia, last June. I thought that was the epitome of rolling sculpture, but I think I like the way the ST Special looks even more. So would an original version cost more or less than a replica made from scratch? Why am I asking as I couldn’t afford either one…




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10 thoughts on “Omnium Gatherum

  1. What’s the definition of “Socialism”? Tax cuts for the rich? Social Security? Medicare? Food stamps which allows JP Morgan, Walmart, and farmers to get government subsidies via transfer payments? What about red states getting more in governments benefits than they pay in taxes? Or could quantitative easing and low interest rates qualify? Asking for a friend.


    1. Socialism is where government makes the bulk of the decisions in terms of allocating resources. All the things you “complain” about here are more socialistic than capitalistic.


      1. Which came first, the “socialism” that paved the roads, built the schools, created the vaccines and sewer systems for the 1% to exist and thrive, or the slave, child, and non -unionized labor portrayed in “The Jungle” that allowed many to become the 1%?
        One must not have their feet be cut off in order to pull up on their own bootstraps.


      2. You’re engaging in melodrama. Of course government has a role, but that role is not to decide how many cars are built and how many cylinders they can have or how many pianos one person should own. Without people having the freedom to take risks and to deploy capital no one would have anything. Without economic growth little else is possible.


      3. Oh, the polio vaccine was developed primarily by the private sector because when push came to shove FDR realized the private sector would do it better.


  2. My Ph.D. advisor told me about your blog and I’m really enjoying it. I’m not as much of a car guy as you, but I love the automotive history mixed in with sports, economics, and miscellany. Cheers.


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