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Once again I am “under the weather.” This time I have some nasty upper respiratory bug that is also leaving me achy, but with no fever.

I was going to rant about what I consider to be the excessive “spicification” and “cilantro-ization” of restaurant cuisine in America. Instead I will just note that not everyone likes spicy food and for some cilantro is the vilest taste in the known universe. “Mouth on fire” is not a flavor to me and cilantro doesn’t remotely taste like anything edible.


I have muted CNBC in my Twitter feed. Their excessive coverage of the views of a certain freshman member of the House of Representatives makes me ill. Last I checked the House has 435 members, not just one.


This Automobile Magazine piece is titled, “2019 Lexus LC500: Seven Things that Make It Special.” An excerpt reads, “Don’t let the seductive look of this coupe deceive you into thinking it’s all show and no go, however, as strapped under the hood is a V-8 engine with 471 horsepower and the ability to slingshot the LC from zero to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds.”

See the source image

From a picture of the Lexus LC500. I have read that these cars are not selling well in the US, which I imagine is Lexus’ intended primary market. If this car is not selling I don’t think a more expensive, turbo-charged model (an “F” model, in Lexus parlance) will sell any better.

This car was part of the Ultimate Garage on my first blog and is better than 50-50 to be a part of Ultimate Garage 2.0. As I have written before, my wonderful wife and I have had the good fortune of test driving this car. It’s amazing!


I’m not any closer to buying a 2016 Z06 today than I was last week. I think it’s prudent to see what we owe the IRS and our state first before plunking down serious money to buy the car. When it comes time for me to pull the trigger I think I will be able to buy something quickly.

From a picture of a 2016 Z06. My first Corvette, a 2002 model, was Electron Blue Metallic. I don’t like blue as much as I used to (bad rhyme intended) and want one in orange or red, instead (ditto).

Any thoughts?



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2 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. So it seems that there are a lot of “quasi-supercars” out there that make sense but don’t sell in the U.S. I recently read that there is a glut in the U.S. of vettes. Re the Lexus-and the newest Audi R8 and Acura NSX-these cars should be selling better. I am not sure why they are not. With the Lexus, their choice of interior seat fabric seems to be a dud. Maybe car manufacturers need to sponsor tv shows again like Knightrider, Magnum PI, or Miami Vice to stimulate passions in fast cars again. Or maybe we need to kill Uber.


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