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First, another of my semi-regular complaints/rants about lack of readers. Without using the Digital Gangster AKA Facebook I know I will never have thousands of readers a day. I still think Disaffected Musings should have at least 5-10 times the number of views it actually receives. For a brief period last October/November it appeared as if that might be possible. At the higher number, perish the thought, I might actually get paid for my time and effort.

In this vein I am considering cutting back to 3-4 posts a week. I realize that the number of total viewers would decline even more, but I would have more of my finite time for me. On the other hand, I realize that blogging is cheaper than therapy and probably almost as effective.

Facebook is a Digital Gangster! #DeleteFacebook #FackFucebook


My wonderful wife and I spent much of yesterday watching an Overhaulin’ marathon on Motor Trend. Overhaulin’ was a show (it’s no longer in production) where a team led by the legendary Chip Foose would acquire someone’s car on a ruse and then give the car back after completely modifying it.

Most of the people whose car was the one on which the work was done react quite emotionally upon seeing the finished product. That reaction is the payoff for watching the show and on more than one occasion Chip Foose remarked that’s why they do what they do.

The reason I’m mentioning all of this is that for much of yesterday I kept wondering how emotional I will be when I actually buy the 2016 Corvette Z06 I have decided to buy. I am really getting psyched about acquiring this car.

From a picture of a 2016 Corvette in Daytona Sunrise Orange. If I can I will buy a car in that color, but as I have written before only 251 Z06 coupes were painted in orange in 2016. Repeat after me: I have dreams, but I live in the real world. I am not going to wait a year to find an orange 2016 Z06. Torch Red and Long Beach Red look good, too.

This is also a nice segue to Ultimate Garage 2.0. I would very much like to read what cars would be in your ultimate garage. Ideally, your list should include 5-10 cars and you have total freedom to choose the criteria for selection.





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7 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. Don’t get discouraged about the low number of followers. I started in 2013, expecting to gain thousands of followers… never happened. I settled on three topics a week for my blog and am finally above 850 followers as of a week or so ago. I enjoy your comments on automobiles. Write on, my friend!


      1. I don’t know how useful it’s been, but I have WordPress send my posts to Twitter and Facebook. I started doing that when I realized that many of my Facebook friends were following, but not directly from WordPress. They linked through Facebook. My twitter account has exhibited slow growth but now sits at over 500 followers. Again, not hardly enough to make money, but it keeps me wanting to share. On Twitter and Facebook, I also post daily with a theme for the week. Always a simple post, an image with one short paragraph.

        Of course, I did note your aversion to Facebook. >grin<


      2. Thanks, again. Disaffected Musings is on Twitter; my Twitter handle is @RulesofLogic1. I have a whopping nine Twitter followers. I will NEVER use Facebook.

        I am very proud of my blog and think it is better than 98% of the blogs on the Internet. I can write; the Wall Street Journal once called one of my books without a doubt the best book of its kind ever written. However, I think the Internet has become a place where the lowest common denominator rules. This blog will NEVER seek the LCD. Maybe I just have to be content for what this blog is and not have delusions of grandeur.


  2. Ultimate Garage 2.0
    1) Bentley Bentayga: because why not? The Cullinan is just too much, and the Bentley looks just as good in person. The perfect “I have no f🤬cks to give” vehicle.
    2) Landcruiser/LX 450: luxury, durability, ability to carry seven live people or three dead ones. The Swiss Army knife of vehicles.
    3) Aston Martin DB 11: because of James Bond, because of how it looks in two tone paint, because of all the other cars I have in my garage.
    4) Rolls Royce Ghost: everyone should own a RR at least once in their lives, no?
    5) Porsche 9114SC convertible: because my wife wants one…in silver with saddle interior…in manual…ASAP.
    6) Ferrari California: because I want a Ferrari, because I want a convertible that’s not a pain in the ass re “rag top”, because it looks like sex on four wheels to me.
    7) Chevy Malibu Hybrid: because sometimes you need to go over five hundred miles on a tank of gas in a car with a big trunk that can be fixed anywhere in the country. Trust me.
    8) Porsche 928: in memory of a dearly departed friend who got me into cars and who owned one that was beat up but still was the perfect match for him. I tear up now even thinking about the first time I saw him step out of the car.


    1. Many thanks, sir. Anyone else want to offer their Ultimate Garage? This submission is well done, by the way.

      Besides submitting your own, please feel free to comment on this Ultimate Garage, but please be polite.


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