Cristy Lee!

Except for my honeymoon the recent trip to Scottsdale was the only vacation from which I did not want to return. Usually no matter how wonderful the trip by the last day or two I am ready to go home.

Among the many highlights was the opportunity to meet Cristy Lee. She is one of the hosts of “All Girls Garage” on Motor Trend and is also a part of their coverage of the Barrett-Jackson auctions. She is even more beautiful in person than on TV, which really doesn’t seem possible. I’m sure she would like to be known for more than her looks, but her looks are quite formidable.

She was also extremely nice and courteous. Of all the “celebrities” we met in Scottsdale she was the only one who took the time to ask for our name and where we lived. She also asked me if I had my eye on any particular car at the auction. Without further ado:

This photo has been cropped as I did not want to ruin a picture of Cristy Lee by including my homely appearance.


Daily views like this were also among the highlights of the trip.

How is it that the sunsets (and sunrises) in Arizona are so beautiful?


Like everything else in life, being intelligent is neither all good nor all bad. My brain went into overload condition trying to figure out what I wanted to do regarding an automobile purchase. When Cristy Lee asked me if I had my eye on a car at the auction, this is the one I mentioned:

This is a 1963 Corvette restomod. The car intrigued me because it had a new engine, a modern automatic transmission and has been converted to disc brakes. Yes, the stance is off, but that can be corrected. Upon inspection it looked good without too many warning flags. Ultimately, I decided against buying the car because even though it was a newer engine, it was a carbureted engine. As I have written many times (so many that regular Disaffected Musings readers are probably sick of reading it), this is 2019 and I am not driving a car with a carburetor. Therefore, I would have incurred the additional expense of buying and installing a new engine. (Yes, upon reflection I probably could have had an EFI conversion kit installed, but parts and labor are still not free.)

Also, the fact that this was a chopped-up split window car bothered me a little. I have no problem with restomods; in fact, I prefer them (duh!), but this is kind of a sacred car, like a 1937 Cord 812. Steve Dallas valued the ’63 restomod at $40,000. I wrote him that I would probably not bid more than $50,000; the car hammered at $60,000, but I did not bid on it. Once again, I want to extend my thanks to Steve who responded to my many emails asking what I should do. He and I have never met nor spoken voice-to-voice, but I consider him to be a friend and am very appreciative of his contributions to this blog.

Since this should be Throwback Thursday and speaking of a 1937 Cord:

The Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg museum is a place that my wonderful wife and I really want to visit. This car hammered at $210,000 meaning the buyer actually paid $231,000.





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  1. She is a very pretty girl, but, you needn’t have cropped yourself out of the picture… no one would have noticed you, anyway… ha, ha! BTW, it’s really not fair that she has both looks and brains, is it?


      1. “Rule No. 1: Life is not fair. Get used to it.” – Charles J. Sykes… (this quote is frequently miss-attributed to Bill Gates)


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