No Unicorns Here

In my opinion panaceas are like unicorns. In this country, some people think that more government programs are always a panacea. Others think that more tax cuts and more defense spending are panaceas. As you might imagine, I disagree with both viewpoints. I cannot even stand the expression “win-win.” EVERY decision requires trade-offs and NOTHING is free.


I have to admit that I am stumped for a longer topic today. I don’t want to write another post about Corvettes or the De Tomaso Longchamp. I’m not even sure I want to write about cars today. OK…I think that most NFL fans believe their favorite team is the victim of a conspiracy perpetrated by the league. These fans think that the league has “favored” teams and that their team is not on that list.

Although incredibly the NBA did not seem to suffer any permanent damage from the Tim Donaghy scandal (he was an NBA official with a gambling problem who bet on NBA games and who passed “sensitive” information about upcoming games to gamblers) I think if concrete evidence were shown that the NFL really favored certain teams and instructed its officials to “help” those teams, then the league would suffer a significant loss in popularity. If professional sporting events are not played “on the level” then why should anyone watch?

I know that most Disaffected Musings readers are not big pro sports fans, but for those who are what do you think about this topic? Do you think it’s possible that the NFL could engage in a years-long, league-wide conspiracy without any concrete evidence emerging?

I do think that NFL officiating is poor, in no small way due to the complexity of the rules. I also think that unless the foul is flagrant, any “penalty” that is far away from the actual play should never be called. I’ll add one more: the penalty for defensive pass interference should be 15 yards and not be at the spot of the foul. It’s absurd that what is often a judgment call can cost a team 40 or 50 yards.





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4 thoughts on “No Unicorns Here

  1. I would not be surprised if Pro Sports in general are not fixed before the game starts. It is entertainment, you are paying for entertainment,and they are going to make sure you are entertained at any cost$$$$. Just my observation.


    1. I hope you’re not right, but anything is possible. I do think if concrete evidence were unearthed that the outcomes are “influenced” interest in pro sports would significantly diminish.


  2. Yes
    It would be easy to get to a few
    Referees during an entire season
    Look at our crooked politicians

    Also referees/umpires , football should be their only profession not their
    Also they need to be reviewed weekly
    And corrected with penalties if they
    Continue to make poor judgement calls


    1. Thanks, Ben. I think if such a fire existed then we would see a lot of smoke.

      I have a friend who was convinced the NFL would never let the Cowboys lose their last game at Texas Stadium. He was 100% serious. The Cowboys lost the game.


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