Throwback Thursday

I can do almost anything except create the opportunity to do almost anything. Virtually all successful people have had help in becoming successful. Let me quickly add that 99.9% of “work situations” do not appeal to me. However, that still leaves a lot of potentially fulfilling opportunities.

Almost two years ago I sent a letter to every member of the board of trustees of the local museum that presents the marvelous annual auto show that my wonderful wife and I attend. I mentioned this state’s long history in automobile manufacturing and the tremendous turnout at local car events. I asked why this state doesn’t have an automobile museum and offered my help in getting such a project started. I included my resume. I never received a single response from any trustee, not even a form letter acknowledging receipt of my letter. People are incredulous when I tell them that story, but it’s the truth.

While I am very proud of this blog and post almost every day, it doesn’t pay the bills. Most people want to feel as though they have some value and that value is usually expressed monetarily. America is drowning in credential-ism and age discrimination.


OK, today’s Throwback Thursday is also sort of a What Car Is This? post.

From a picture of the car in question. Do you know what this is?

Only six of these were built in 1971-72. The engine is a good old Chevy 350 cubic-inch V8. If I tell you the names of the two people responsible for building this car then the name of the car will be revealed.

From the article about this car: “The ambitious project was the result of the dream of two men; Alfredo —- and Peter S. Kalikow. The former was Briggs Cunningham’s old team manager and Jaguar’s representative in New York, while the latter was a young real-estate developer with a strong passion for sports cars.” An American named Gene Garfinkle who was working for Pietro Frua in Italy designed the body; Vittorio Stanguellini built the chassis designed by Giulio Alfieri, formerly with Maserati. You can see where I am going with this…it’s another “original hybrid.”

I think that like many of these hybrids, this car just looks amazing. I think the blend of an American V-8 in an Italian body with the technology of other countries (the front suspension of this car was from Jaguar) is just phenomenal. What is it? It is a Momo Mirage; the Alfredo who co-fathered the car was Alfredo Momo.

I will almost certainly never see one of these in person. For many of “today’s generation” virtual “experiences” are enough to satisfy. That belief is one reason that many museums are struggling to stay open. However, I like to experience the world in three dimensions that are real.

What do you think of this car? What exotic automobiles excite you? As always, I would very much like to read your opinions.






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