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I have long believed that most of us grow stale if we are in the same position in the same venue for many years. Love them or hate them, that is a major reason why I think Bill Belichick’s tenure with the Patriots is so remarkable.

My “1A” team, the Packers, fired head coach Mike McCarthy after yesterday’s embarrassing loss to the Arizona Cardinals at Lambeau Field. He is the first Packers head coach to be fired during the season ever.

The Packers were generally successful during McCarthy’s tenure, but pro sports is at least a “what have you done for me lately” business. (Trust that I know of what I speak.) In addition, Packers observers sensed a dysfunction about the team, probably starting with the less than pleasant relationship between McCarthy and star QB Aaron Rodgers.

I wish Green Bay well in its search for a new head coach although I probably won’t be subscribing to NFL Sunday Ticket after this season, which means I won’t have the opportunity to see every Packers game. Go Pack Go!


I bought a new iPhone yesterday. The experience was hardly a piece of cake. If I hadn’t purchased software to use instead of iTunes to transfer files/data I would have lost virtually all of the music I had on my old phone.

iTunes, like every Apple product, is designed to “force” you to adopt the entire Apple ecosystem. When my personal computer (not an Apple) crashed this summer I lost my old iTunes music library, which contained many songs that didn’t exist anywhere else in the universe. Some of these songs had been created by me through editing while others were digital recordings of my playing an old keyboard that no longer works, either.

When I used iTunes to sync my old phone to my new computer (also not an Apple) only the songs that had been purchased through iTunes were backed up on the computer. This represented less than 5% of my music library. Fortunately, AnyTrans saved the day, sort of. I still lost my photos and my calendar; even though I backed up my old iPhone to my new computer I could not retrieve the backup because I was asked for a password I didn’t know existed.

Hey, Apple! People acquire/have acquired music by means other than iTunes! Please respect those choices!


Do any/some of you feel that a Disaffected Musings post without a car photo/reference is just not the same? I think that sometimes the “car” part of the blog is not organic. By that I mean that part sometimes feels tacked on because this blog is supposed to be a “car blog.” Anyway, today will not feature a car in any way, shape or form except for the hashtag #somanycarsjustonelife.



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