Tuesday Tangle

I told this story on my previous blog…

In my first full-time baseball job one of my responsibilities was to help the accounting department assign the amortization of signing bonuses for players no longer in the organization. A player selected in the amateur draft is paid a bonus to sign. Actually, undrafted players are also paid a bonus, but it is tiny compared to bonuses paid to players drafted in the first round, for example.

The signing bonuses are amortized over x number of years so if a player is traded or released before that time period then his bonus has to be amortized in some other way. The person in the accounting department with whom I would interact about this issue was someone I knew in college, albeit not well.

One day this person came to me in a panic. We had traded a high-round draft pick who was a huge bust and the accounting department couldn’t find the player for whom he had been traded and to whom the remainder of the signing bonus would be assigned for purposes of amortization. The name of the acquired player was, according to the Accounting Department records, Avisa Slot.

I explained that we had actually traded this former high-round draft pick for a visa slot, not a player named Avisa Slot. Foreign-born players who are not naturalized US citizens, of whom there are many in professional baseball, need a visa to come to the US for the season. Each organization receives an allotment of visa slots and the one we received in exchange for this player was only good for the rest of the season.

My friend in Accounting howled with laughter when I explained who “Avisa Slot” really was. It was funny, in a way, but it was also an admission of a huge mistake by the scouting department.


What do you think of this car?


From corvetteblogger.com (a website to which I subscribe, surprise surprise…not) a picture of a 1961 Corvette. The 1961 model was the next to last year of the first generation Corvette or C1. In all honesty I am not a huge fan of the styling of this generation. While the 1961 and 1962 are cleaner and better looking than the rest, in my opinion, because of the more modern rear deck (which was a preview of the C2) and cleaner front grill, in general I think the C1 design is dated. FWIW, I also think the C3 design (derived from the Mako Shark concept car, the C3 was produced from 1968 to 1982) is dated.

In general I like designs that are timeless and not an obvious manifestation of a particular time period. However, exceptions exist. I like the styling of some pre-war cars (meaning before World War II) and those are definitely “of the period.” A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.


I know what 56packardman thinks, but what do the rest of you think about Facebook and Google and my message that both companies are evil? I am mystified how people just seem to accept how those companies behave.





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5 thoughts on “Tuesday Tangle

  1. I like the photo of the 1961 Corvette. I don’t care about it now. It would have been a dream car for me in 1961.
    I don’t like google or Facebook or a lot of other apps that track me all the time. Once signed up hard to disengage.


      1. Yes – replace Google as your search engine with Duck Duck Go. DDG doesn’t track you, package you and sell your data. Also, run with cookies disabled as much as possible – and frequently go into your browser’s “innards” and clean the cookies out. Google imbeds its cookies in many forms. Clear them ALL out.


      2. My wonderful wife and I haven’t used Guck Foogle as our search engine in about a year. We also don’t use Chrome and I browse in Incognito mode.


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