Not sure what is compelling me to write this today…

I am estranged from a number of people who used to be “regulars” in my life including a sibling, one of the best men at my wedding and someone I’ve known since freshman year of high school who used to be a regular reader and commenter on this blog. Does that say more about me, them, both or neither?

Of course drifting away from people is part of growing older. We get married, we have children, we move for new jobs, etc. However, I firmly believe that once people hit their mid-to-late 20s, real change is almost impossible. The only modifier to that is I think many people, if left to their own devices and without hard work, become bad parodies of themselves as they age. Anyway, I believe you have to accept people for who they are or leave them alone. One of the few rules by which I live is to avoid people who erode my quality of life.

Maybe I’m just depressed today because my wonderful wife has left for another business trip…


How to segue to cars…

If you’ve been reading the comments you know that I have been receiving advice on my restomod build. What most of you don’t know is that I have also been receiving such advice via email. I am very appreciative that others seem to have so much interest in the project.

Let me clear up one thing, though: if I am to exercise any prudence at all regarding a VERY expensive purchase, then I have to wait 10+ months to begin the project in earnest. Why 10+ months? I have to wait until I reach the age when I can take my retirement money without paying a 10% penalty. I’m not pissing away many thousands of dollars because I won’t wait a few months to buy something I don’t really need. As I have written before, I may have been physically raised in America, but culturally I did not grow up here.

OK, all of you reading should be familiar with this picture:

Why am I showing this? Well, my choice of exterior color for the restomod is a blend of the two cars on the ends of the shelf. I envision a teal/gray hybrid, perhaps teal/charcoal.

Let’s face it: the first thing one notices about a car is its looks. While, of course, we all have different tastes in terms of what looks good in a car, the exterior color(s) makes a big impression. I am disappointed in the muted palette of colors that seems to be predominant in today’s cars. Still, I don’t think I want a three-tone Corvette of orange, pink and green, either.

If I get my wish, the hood will have the “Stinger” from the 1967 Corvette equipped with a big block and I envision the stinger painted in Rally Red as a homage to the C2 Corvette. I also would like a Rally Red stripe somewhere high on the body line, but when one actually looks at the C2 Corvette, not a lot of space exists to add such a stripe.

From a picture of a couple of stinger hoods.

If you dream about building a car, what color scheme do you envision?





Remember that Facebook and Google are evil. Please don’t let them take control of your life.



4 thoughts on “Estrangement

  1. Yes I agree it is truly sad
    When we reflect on the numerous
    Peeps who have passed thru our
    Lives and we have lost contact
    With them

    I believe those reflections grow
    And loom larger as we age and
    Add significance to the process



    1. Thanks, Ben. It is sad, but inevitable. We can choose to share our lives with one person, with many people or with no one, but in the end our lives belong to us alone.


  2. Thank you for reminding your readers that Facebook & Google are evil!
    The safe alternative to Google for a search engine is Duck Duck Go. Duck Duck Go, unlike Google, does not track you, does not mine your data and sell it.


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