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Although I don’t listen to music as much as I did even five years ago, music has almost always been an important part of my life. My musical tastes are decidedly non-mainstream and have been ever since that day I put the needle down on a song called “Groove Drops” by the late, great jazz organist Jimmy Smith.

I believe quite strongly that the phrase “modern American music” is an oxymoron. Rap? Rap is vulgar, devoid of musical content and a plague on the world. By the way, I am entitled to my opinion even if it differs from yours. Taylor Swift? “Haters gonna hate, hate, hate” is not exactly a profound lyric. In fact, Judge Michael Fitzgerald, sitting on a case of plagiarism involving Swift, ruled that such lyrics were too banal to warrant copyright protection and that they were “too brief, unoriginal and uncreative.” Country? Drivel sung by men in cowboy hats. EDM is droid-syntha noise for robots. Have I offended almost everyone? Good…

I wish that album covers were not protected by copyright because I would show the covers of my favorite albums. Yes, the word “album” is obsolete, but what else do I call a collection of songs released together? Not that anyone has asked, but this is my blog. Here are my favorite albums, in order (Edgar shout-out), as I have an obsessive need to make order out of chaos.

1. “Enigmatic Ocean” by Jean-Luc Ponty; this is an easy choice, an amazing recording that transcends music, an otherworldly manifestation of the creative spirit

2. “Pressure Sensitive” by Ronnie Laws; Laws’ debut album and a million times better than anything else he ever released

3. “Joyous Lake” by Pat Martino; the title cut contains what may be my favorite guitar solo ever

4. “Time Machine” by Joe Satriani; I believe that Satriani is the greatest rock guitarist ever

5. “The Extremist” by Joe Satriani

6. “Heavy Weather” by Weather Report

Have any of you ever heard of any of these albums or artists?


I received a long comment yesterday by Steve Dallas (thanks again for the comment) that federal law prohibits the retro-fitting of modern SRS to older cars. During subsequent research I wasn’t able to find confirmation or a specific cite of such law or regulation, but I did find many comments that shops will not retrofit such systems due to potential liability. You know, if they install a system and it fails to deploy in a crash resulting in death or serious injury then they could be sued. The end result is the same: I probably will not be able to have airbags in my restomod. I will just have to get the shop to use modern plastic foam wherever possible to make the car stronger.

I also think that if such law or regulation exists, then it’s another example of stupid government. People who think that government is a panacea fail to realize that any institution of people will be flawed because ALL people are flawed. Distorted incentives don’t help government function well, either. Winston Churchill is supposed to have remarked that democracy is the worst form of government except for all of the others. Capitalism is the worst form of economic organization except for all of the others.


Acura NSX Designer Michelle Christensen on the Influence of Nature, and the \'67 Chevelle

From Car and Driver a picture of the latest generation of the Acura NSX and the woman who was in charge of designing the exterior of the car, Michelle Christensen. I think that the NSX is a technological marvel with its hybrid power system that improves performance, especially low-end torque. Yes, I know about cars like the Ferrari LaFerrari and the McLaren P1. However, while the NSX is not a cheap automobile its price pales in comparison to those other cars.

What is Christensen’s favorite car? “My favorite car is the ’67 Chevelle. It’s simple, beautiful, and timeless.” Hurrah! I much prefer that vintage GM style to the A-Body style that was released in 1968. I consider the later design to be chunky with its excessively large C-pillar and other similar design elements. Einstein said, “Every problem should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.” He was a pretty smart guy, I’ve heard. 🙂








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  1. Joe Satriani: I agree about his guitar playing; however I am on the fence about if he is the greatest ever. My musical tastes range from classical to surf music to Irish folk, to American folk, to rock and roll, to bagpipes to martial music and just about everything in between. My Youtube bookmark folder of music videos is huge. There is no rap contained in said bookmark folder as rap is NOT music.


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