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This is the “About” page on this blog. The page accounts for less than one percent of page views so I thought I would show some of it as part of the “Patting Myself On The Back” series.


Even though this fact has glanced off the collective skull of the world I am a pioneer in the application of analytics to professional sports, one of the fathers of “Moneyball.” I was also a mentor to baseball’s “golden boy,” another fact that has slipped through the cracks. Perception is reality even if it isn’t. However, the reality is that America is drowning in credential-ism and age discrimination.

Moneyball Sig Encore

Don’t believe my claim about being a father of “Moneyball?” That’s my copy of the book signed by Michael Lewis with the inscription, “For […], Who led the way. Best, Michael.”


By the way, I sent the link to the About page to Michael Lewis after I added the photo. He replied (“Thanks for sending.”), but as far as I can tell he has not clicked on the link. One would never know from reading Moneyball that I was working for the A’s as a consultant while Lewis was writing the book. I worked for the A’s as a baseball operations/player personnel consultant for ten years.

No doubt, some of you think it is an exercise in self pity and/or arrogance that I occasionally tout my accomplishments. I can assure you that everything I write about my life is true. It is the truth that I was using analytics to evaluate players for a major league team in a full-time job 15 years before Moneyball was published. It is true that in the third edition of Total Baseball I was called the “statistical analyst that has risen the highest and had the most influence.” That edition was published before I became Director of Baseball Operations for a major league team.

I have very good reason to be a disaffected man. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


2018 Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato

This is a 2018 Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato currently offered for sale on BringATrailer.com. It seems odd to me that such a car, and such a new car, would already be offered for sale via auction. If you’re interested the current high bid is $665,000 and about six hours remain in the auction. By the way, the exterior color is called Divine Red. Of course it is.


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    1. Thanks, Charley. My so-called acumen and $5 will buy me breakfast at McDonald’s. Perception is reality even if it isn’t.

      Take care.


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