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The first reader of Disaffected Musings today was an apparent Packard fan from New Zealand. Welcome! Welcome to all Kiwis!

While I always welcome thoughtful comments from readers no matter their location I would very much like to read comments from those of you reading outside of the US. What type of cars do you like? What would your Ultimate Garage look like? In general, what are your views of the US? How many times have you visited the US?


When I was much younger this time of year usually represented the beginning of the new model year for automobiles. Ads would appear in great numbers on TV and in print (millennials and younger generations probably aren’t sure what “in print” means) heralding the new cars and how one could also get a great deal on “last year’s” cars. While I am an over-the-top car aficionado I don’t really follow the beginning of the new model year very much. I am also under the impression that no coordinated effort exists among automobile manufacturers to begin selling new model year cars at about the same time.

I do know that one can find great bargains on cars if one is willing to wait and to take the chance that the car they want will still be available.

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From a picture of a 2006 Lexus SC 430. My wonderful wife owned one of these for six years and it never gave her one day of trouble unlike the car it replaced. I know that Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May named the SC 430 the worst car in history on Top Gear, but I believe that was as much a statement about what Lexus represents to them as it is about the car. For what it’s worth, Clarkson also called the Lexus LFA the best car he had ever driven.

Anyway…my wonderful wife was looking to replace her lovely but unreliable Jaguar XK-8 convertible. She must have test driven six or eight different cars. Finally, in March of 2007 I suggested she look at Lexus. She said that Lexus didn’t offer a convertible to which I replied they most certainly did. Then she worried that she would like an SC 430 without navigation; I assured her they all had nav. (OK, get to your point about new cars and timing their purchase. OK, give me some leeway. Online conversations with yourself can’t be a sign of mental stability, can they?) She announced that she would not take one for a test drive (because the SC 430 was “outside” of her budget), but would reluctantly accompany me to our local Lexus dealer.

After finally finding a salesman he showed her a new 2006 SC 430 (even though this was March, 2007) for a few minutes and then asked if she wanted to take a test drive. To my surprise she quickly answered “Yes.” Suffice to say that after five minutes she was totally hooked on the smooth ride and decent acceleration.

My wonderful wife got lucky in that the car on the lot she really wanted was marked as sold, but when we returned a couple of days later the buyer had changed her mind. The point…given this was March of 2007 and she was buying a brand new 2006 model the dealer really discounted the car from MSRP. If she had tried to purchase the car in August of 2006 she would have paid thousands more for the car no matter how good my negotiating skills are. Negotiations are about leverage and/or the perception of leverage.

How does that saying go? “It pays to wait.” How about, “Anything worth having is worth waiting for.” At my age I don’t have much patience; I probably never did, but I sure have less now. However, it paid for my wonderful wife to wait and to find a car she liked. Serendipitously she saved real money AND found a good car.


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