Late Post For Labor Day

I hope everyone is enjoying their Labor Day. The holiday exists to honor the contributions that workers have made to the country. For me, from the time I was 6 until I was 22 Labor Day was a horrible day signifying the end of summer and the return to school. Even though I was a very good student, I hated being in school. I felt like I was in a cage stripped of my freedom.


OK, here is a photo from Corvettes at Carlisle 2018 showing the split window of the 1963 Vette I showed in an earlier post. Corvette fans know the story and the rest of you probably don’t care, but designer Bill Mitchell felt the Stingray coupe HAD to have a split window in order to be true to the “spine” theme of the car. Engineer Zora Arkus-Duntov hated the split window because it obstructed rearward vision. For 1964 and afterward, Duntov won the battle and the split window was removed. Of course, that created a classic as the split window was only available in 1963 coupes, of which just 10,594 were produced. 1963 was the first model year in which a coupe body was available for the Corvette and now is the only year of the C2 generation (1963-1967) where coupes are more valuable than convertibles.


They’re multiplying!

In this post I showed a similar picture except it only showed three signs. I purchased the Willys sign at Carlisle and it is the only porcelain sign of the bunch; the rest are made of tin. Fortunately or unfortunately—depends on the perspective—I don’t have room left for any more of these signs on this part of the garage wall.


I am asking for honest, constructive feedback. What do you like about this blog and what don’t you like? Don’t be mean, but feel free to express your honest views. Thanks.


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  1. … hee hee … Yes! I have a Packard and a Studebaker sign – and a Packard clock – in the room where I have my collection of Packard and Studebaker models and books. 🙂


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