Thumbs Down On iTunes

Regular readers know I purchased a new desktop computer in early July. Yesterday, I decided it was time to sync/backup my iPhone with my new computer. Much to my chagrin, the iTunes “library” on my computer only has the 30 songs that I purchased from iTunes, not the entire collection of roughly 750 songs. BOO! That wasn’t always the case, either.

My tastes in music are decidedly non-mainstream. I even have songs on my iPhone that I have created through editing. How am I supposed to back all of these up now? Does anyone reading have a solution? Why should I have to purchase music from iTunes that I have already purchased on CD and ripped to my computer? Shame on you, Apple.


This is the most expensive road-legal car currently listed for sale on Hemmings, not counting estimates on cars soon to be auctioned. It is a 1963 Ferrari 400 Superamerica LWB.

From the ad:

“The 400 Superamerica is often considered to be the grandest of Ferrari’s grand touring automobiles, as it is utterly uncompromising in every sense. The Superamerica offered its owners nothing but the finest in terms of automotive technology, with cutting-edge design, performance, and luxury. This particular Ferrari is one of the final examples constructed, and it is truly capable of anything its next owner desires.”

I actually don’t think this 400 Superamerica has as good an exterior design as most other Ferraris, but what do I know? So, what is the seller asking? $3,500,000…that’s not even close to the most expensive private sale about which the price is known.

The $70,000,000 FERRARI GTO and the 1964 Pontiac GTO

From a picture of a rare 1963 Ferrari GTO, only 36 of these were made. Reportedly, the car sold earlier this year for $70,000,000. This particular car finished fourth at LeMans in 1964.

I would love to be able to afford a $70 million car although I wouldn’t necessarily buy one. I think that what other people do with the money they’ve legally acquired is their business (and not for me to pass judgment, either) as long as the purchase is legal. I am pretty sure that if I could afford a $70 million car I would have multiple very nice cars in my garage.

What is the highest price you’ve ever paid for a car? Since I asked this of you, I’ll tell you my answer. I paid about $51,000 for my second Corvette, the 2007 model I purchased new. As I have written many times before, my baseball business was thriving then so the purchase wasn’t a stretch in the least. I paid for the 2007 Vette by trading in my 2002 Corvette and paying cash for the difference. By the way, according to, $51,000 in 2007 translates to $61,700 in 2018.

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