1,000 Weeks!

One thousand weeks ago today my wonderful wife and I married. V Squared, I love you more than you will ever know!


From Hemmings a car that makes me drool…a 1961 Oldsmobile F85. This is the “Find of the Day.” Here’s a picture:

In 1962, Oldsmobile became the first US manufacturer to offer a turbocharged engine in a production vehicle, the F-85 Starfire. Oldsmobile kept the stock compression ratio, added a wastegate to relieve pressure in the system and used something called “Turbo-Rocket” fluid to keep the engine from premature detonation from an over-heated intake charge. What was in the “Turbo-Rocket” fluid? It was just a mix of water and alcohol.

From memory, I think Oldsmobile sold about 9,000 Jetfires in 1962-63, but the car didn’t catch on as it wasn’t anywhere near as reliable as modern turbocharger systems. Oh…the engine was a small displacement (215 cubic inches) V-8. I mean this car just pushes all of my buttons.

The decline of General Motors is a story that really can’t be written in a thousand pages. Foreign competition was, of course, a big part of the story, but GM’s own smugness and inexplicable decision to remove significant differences among the divisions in order to be “more efficient” is as good a summary as I can muster given the constraints of a blog post.

My wonderful wife and I attend a lot of car shows; we attended one today, in fact. We never see any Oldsmobiles except at the big annual car show held by a local museum. Oldsmobile existed from 1897 to 2004 and manufactured over 35 million vehicles. The company should not be forgotten.