Always A Wise Ass

On this day in 1969, of course, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first men to walk on the moon. Given it was a Sunday, my father was able to join the family to watch the event. (Monday through Saturday he worked from 7 AM to 10 PM at his gas/service station.) All during the Apollo program he had insisted it was impossible for humans to reach the moon safely. When Armstrong set foot on the moon I turned to my father and said, “What do you think now, Dad?” Like the post title suggests, I guess I’ve always been a wise ass.

Speaking of my father (who has been gone a long time)…last night I had a dream that I was having a meal with my mother (who has also been gone a long time) in a very large public room. I noticed that my father was dining in this room, but his companion was someone with whom I had recently had a verbal altercation. I walked over to say hello to my father, but immediately his companion, who was unknown to me, began to harass me. Finally I just yelled, “What is your problem?!” I remember feeling real tension as if a physical fight was about to happen, but I woke up. Neither of my parents said a word during the dream.

Speaking of weird dreams (I mean if the shoe fits)…last night I had another dream that I was a guest at some function being held in a huge complex. For some reason, I was asked to find a large amount of toilet paper for the other guests. I agreed to the request, but could not find my way in the enormous building(s). At one point, I could not climb a grade that had no stairs until someone pointed out a large railing. When I eventually find the right room, the toilet paper isn’t there. I have a lot of dreams about being unable to find my way in large places.

Speaking of 1969…

See the source image

See the source image

Both photos are from The top is a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro and the bottom is a 1969 Pontiac Firebird. 1969 was the last model year for the first generation of these cars, cars that have had huge followings among enthusiasts. The similarities are obvious, but the cars were not identical. For example, all of the engines available in the first-generation Firebird (all five of them if I am correct) were Pontiac-built. The Camaro had even more engine options and I think almost all of them, if not all, were Chevrolet-built.

For the first generations in total, about 277,000 Firebirds and 699,000 Camaros were built. General Motors was a little late to the pony car market, but had much success with these two cars. Of course, I can’t mention the Firebird without lamenting the loss of Pontiac. The first generation of both of these cars are very appealing to me, but I don’t know if they’re Ultimate Garage appealing.



2 thoughts on “Always A Wise Ass

  1. In my dream I have a trio of 1969 cars: Mustangs Boss 302 and 429, also a Mercury Cougar Eliminator!


    1. Thanks, C/2. You are a well-adjusted person, unlike me. 🙂

      In my conscious mind I also “dream” of cars I’d love to own, but my sub-conscious is less kind. Perhaps being the child of Holocaust survivors makes it difficult for me to have good dreams at night.

      I think the first generation Cougar is one of the underrated cars in American automobile history. I think they look better than the Mustang on which they are based and, depending on trim/options, some of them could really move. Of course, if I were to acquire one I would probably resto-mod the drivetrain, suspension, brakes, electronics, etc.


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