Monday Musings

Honest and well-intentioned people can have different opinions on various issues and that doesn’t mean that any of those people are evil. No one, including me, has a monopoly on truth, wisdom, good taste, good judgment or anything else.


From is this post about this car:

See the source image

From a picture of the stunning Lexus LC500. (Yes, this is the hybrid, but the non-hybrid looks the same.) The article from states that Lexus is offering a $5,000 cash discount on the car through the end of July. Sales of the LC500 fell from 423 in June, 2017 to just 161 in June, 2018.

Lexus LC500 3

This is a picture of an LC500 my wonderful wife took earlier this year when we satisfied our desire to see one in person and, serendipitously, wound up with test drives. When Kyle Cheromcha of The Drive drove one early in 2018 he called it, “an amazing machine, a triumph of futurism, and a testament to progress.”

We were offered far more than a $5,000 discount to buy one without even making an offer and probably could have purchased one for about $15,000 off MSRP, but are not in the market for a new car right now. Shortly after this experience, my wonderful wife and I paid off our mortgage, instead.

I am a huge fan of the car, though, and it was one of the seven cars listed in my Ultimate Garage on my previous blog. A 600+HP turbocharged version (the LC F) is supposed to be released sometime next year. Whenever I do Ultimate Garage 2.0 I think the probability that the LC500 is on the list is extremely high.

What do you think of this car?