More From Newport

Another photo from the Newport Car Museum, this time a 2001 BMW Z8. I realize that some might think it’s hypocritical for me to shun Volkswagen and Porsche and rave about BMW and Mercedes-Benz vehicles. I wrestled with my conscience for months before I could buy a German car. Almost all of us have inconsistencies of thought, it’s almost impossible to avoid them. To me, Volkswagen and Porsche are the embodiments of Nazi evil while BMW and Mercedes-Benz are a little removed although I grant not much.

Back to the car…I think it was while watching (yeah to alliteration) a Mecum auction that one of the commentators remarked that the Z8 and the 2005-06 Ford GT were the only cars produced in the 21st century that have appreciated in value. About 5,700 Z8s were produced from 2000 to 2003, including 555 of the Alpina variation that had a detachable hardtop and was only available with an automatic transmission.

Regardless of transmission, the Z8 was powered by a V-8 engine of substantial output. The engine for manual transmission cars developed 395 HP and 369 LB-FT of torque from just 302 cubic inches. Motor Trend’s 0-60 acceleration test produced a time of just 4.2 seconds. Car and Driver testing showed that the Z8 outperformed the Ferrari 360 Modena in acceleration, braking and handling. What other tests exist for a performance car?!

I think the Z8 is among the best-looking cars in history, but BMW cars are known for their styling. The Z8 has a good dose of the 507, especially at the front of the car.

The Newport Car Museum is quite a place, laid out more like an art museum than anything else. The museum has been open for about a year; I wish them success.


P.S. Happy Birthday, Cristy Lee!