Wish I Had Room For This :(

From Bring A Trailer (the link):

No Reserve: 1966 Studebaker Daytona Sports Sedan

A 1966 Studebaker Daytona Sports Sedan! A very rare car, being sold supposedly by the third owner. Only 8,947 1966 Studebakers were manufactured; the Encyclopedia of American Cars let me down here, a rarity, as it doesn’t have production figures for this particular model. The seller’s ad claims “This 1966 Studebaker Daytona Sports Sedan was produced on January 11, 1966 and is an unrestored example believed to be one of the last 905 examples built at the Hamilton, Ontario plant.”

This car is all original including its Chevrolet-built 283 cubic inch V-8. Studebaker’s Canadian-built cars in 1964-66 had Chevrolet engines as the Studebaker engine assembly ceased with the closing of the South Bend plant. As I write this the high bid is $10,250 and only ten minutes left. I wish I could bid on this…


Postscript: this car sold for $10,750. Given Bring A Trailer’s buyers commission is only five percent, all in the lucky winner paid $11,287.50. I think that’s a bargain, but I have an unhealthy obsession with defunct American makes, in case you hadn’t heard. 🙂



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