Monday Morsel

Maurice informed me of this development. To quote Shakespeare, “If you prick us, shall we not bleed.” The fact that Volkswagen executives are being charged with crimes and arrested relating to the software-cheating-emissions situation is heartening to me. Sorry, I’m only human and NEVER pretend to be otherwise.

I also think this is a great counterpoint to those smug, self-righteous and arrogant self-hating Americans who think that only American companies commit crimes. On the other hand, events like this give capitalism and free markets a black eye, even though corruption in government is as old as government.


David sent this hilarious comment about the PT Cruiser:

“My ex wife owns a PT Cruiser… which is why she is my ex-wife.”

I would very much like to read more comments. Hey, I’m too old to do all of the writing! 🙂

Be well.