12 Minutes From Cable TV

First, I am aware of the Singapore Summit. I hope that the Kim regime will totally dismantle its nuclear weapons program, but I doubt that will happen. Kim does not want to end up like Muammar Gaddafi or Saddam Hussein.


I have been a DirecTV customer for 20 years. The primary reason has been that I have never lived in the home TV market of my two favorite NFL teams, so the only way I can watch their games is to have NFL Sunday Ticket. Fantasy football? In my opinion, fantasy football is well-named because it bears little or no resemblance to the real thing.

We are the only house in our development with a satellite dish. When we moved here we encountered tremendous resistance to installing a dish, particularly from our neighbor directly across the street. He insisted we were in violation of the HOA covenants. (By the way, despite the rough start he is now my best friend in the neighborhood. Get well, Jack!) I produced a copy of the FCC ruling that allowed homeowners to install a dish regardless of HOA covenants as long as the dish is less than a meter in diameter, is not a safety hazard and is not installed in a common area.

Back to the present…about 4-6 weeks ago we began to have intermittent, but frequent signal interruptions even without severe weather, even without any precipitation at all. I called DirecTV and they scheduled a service call last week. Unfortunately, no technician ever arrived nor did we receive any communication that he wouldn’t show. I called DirecTV two hours after the end of the appointment window and let’s just say I made my objections known. We were given a substantial credit for next month’s bill and the appointment was rescheduled for yesterday with a window of 8 AM to Noon.

At 11 AM, neither having seen nor heard from a technician, I called DirecTV for an update. I was not happy with the answers I received so I told the representative that if I didn’t see or hear from a technician by noon, I was cancelling my DirecTV service. At 11:20 AM, I called one of the cable providers to inquire about cost, timing, etc. if we wanted to add TV service to the Internet service they already provide. The representative wasn’t exactly a good ambassador for the company, either, but I was very mad at DirecTV.

I told my wonderful wife that if no one from DirecTV had shown or called by 12:05 PM, we were going to go out for lunch and say goodbye to DirecTV. At 11:53 AM (I know the time because we have a Ring doorbell), the DirecTV tech arrived. He was very professional, very polite and installed a new dish in a much better location on the roof in a short time. We asked him if he would clear debris from the roof and he graciously agreed. I’m sure you can do the math, but 11:53 AM is twelve minutes before 12:05 PM.

This doesn’t sound like an important problem in the grand scheme of things, but having had the same TV provider for 20 years I can assure the seemingly certain prospect of having to change was not a pleasant thought. The postscript is that AT&T sent another representative to the house later in the afternoon to make sure the job had been completed. I was not shy in expressing my frustration about the course of events. As all good customer service personnel do, he communicated empathy for me and gave me his card telling me he could call him directly with any concerns. The technician had also given us his direct number and said we could call him with any issues in the future.

Maybe I’m just an old fogey, but this situation is, unfortunately, all too common. It seems that too many people in this country don’t care about their job, don’t care if they do it well and just do enough to avoid being fired. I have written the statistic that only 30% of Americans like their job. If that is accurate, then this country has a serious problem that no one seems to acknowledge.


OK, I have to post a picture of a car after all of that…

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From AUSmotive.com a picture of a Lamborghini Miura, acknowledged by most car enthusiasts as the world’s first supercar. Its theoretical top speed was higher than its actual because that gorgeous nose tended to lift at high speed, making the car unstable.

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  1. I am posting under a pseudonym because I work for a large multinational where customer service is the same thing as jumbo shrimp. Billions are being left on the tables and a like amount is wasted at companies due to idiot customer service. But this is the result of upper management being so far removed from the customer that they have no idea what the customer expects. It’s why companies buy back their stock vs creating new brands or improving existing ones. I bet if you went to the top ten Direct TV executives homes, four will have a dish.


  2. Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately, at present the only option usually available to consumers is to change vendors.


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