Friday Mishmash

OK, no alliterative post title today…

Please check out this post. Look at this picture from the same (from

1939 Lagonda V12 Cabriolet Front 1

A 1939 Lagonda (despite the spelling in the URL) V-12 drophead coupe, a convertible. As recently as five years ago cars like this did little for me. As my car obsession grows so does the universe of cars in which I have interest.


Three years ago today my wonderful wife purchased this car:

Apart from the fact that the bumper-to-bumper warranty expires today, my wonderful wife and I think this is a happy occasion. If I had to guess what cars she would like in her Ultimate Garage, besides her Corvette, I would start with this:

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From a picture of an Aston Martin DB11 Volante. My wonderful wife loves the styling and who can blame her? She also likes convertibles as I have written before.


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From Wikipedia a picture of a Jaguar E-Type roadster. This one (as well as the Aston) might have to wait for a winning lottery ticket or some other unforeseen windfall.

Just to end the run of British roadsters/convertibles:

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Another Wikipedia photo, this time of a Lamborghini Huracan. My wonderful wife likes these better than the Aventador; she thinks their styling is a little wild. Besides, I think 610 HP and 413 LB-FT of torque is enough for her to drive.

Staying in Italy:

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From a picture of the Ferrari Portofino, which succeeded the California as the GT hardtop convertible Ferrari. The two cars are very similar in appearance, but the Portofino is supposed to have a stiffer chassis, be a little lighter and have about 40 more HP.

Even though she married me, I think my wonderful wife has impeccable taste. What do you think of these cars? What cars would you want to own?

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  1. I pick the Lagonda. Way back when, just out of high school I rode the bus to work and home. I would sit on the bench and watch the cars go by and dream of what I might have someday. The little red MG seemed right since I was just dreaming. But I like the Lagonda – since I am just dreaming!


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