Monday Musings, Memorial Day Edition

On this day, we should acknowledge that beginning with the Revolutionary War nearly 1.5 million American soldiers have made the ultimate sacrifice. Especially in this day and age when serving in the armed forces is voluntary, we should understand the magnitude of what our soldiers do.

OK, numbers nut that I am I have to post the following:

US population in 1860: Approximately 31,400,000

Estimated Civil War soldier deaths: 655,000; 2.1% of the 1860 population (c.f. 2.1% of the 2010 US population was almost 6,500,000 people)

More American soldiers died in the Civil War than in World War I and World War II combined. Also remember that in 1910 the US population was 92,200,000 and that in 1940 the population was 132,200,000.


Two years ago today I purchased this:

Like a person with bipolar disorder, life with this car has been extreme. When it’s running and not leaking or sounding warning bells it has been extremely enjoyable, especially since the Dinan Stage 2 power upgrade. When the car has needed its seemingly endless series of repairs, well it’s not been fun, at all. I’ve stopped counting how much I’ve spent on repairs, but the figure has to be in excess of $6,000. I spent $2,600 just to fix two transmission leaks. I also think that some of the difficulties have stemmed from the fact that the previous owner does not seem to have really taken care of this car. That’s always an issue when buying a used vehicle.

Have any of you owned a car that has given you a similar experience? Please feel free to let me know.

One thought on “Monday Musings, Memorial Day Edition

  1. You may have done this, but tell us more about your journey with the Bimmer: how you found it, how you checked it out, how you discovered the issues, how you resolved them, what you would do differently. Should you build a “rainy day” fund into your purchase price, i.e., $5-6k for repairs/upgrades, 30% purchase price in slush fund? Also, what could you have bought new for your all in price, and would that have been as pleasurable?


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