Alfa Romeo and the Feds

Not the name of a new band

This Carbuzz article is about Alfa Romeo having to add a backup camera to the 4C in order to comply with a new federal regulation requiring that all new cars must have a backup camera. The article also includes this nice little zinger: “Obviously using the rearview and side mirrors is too hard for some drivers.”

When CarBuzz asked Alfa for a comment, they received an interesting reply, “…as always, we will make sure all of our vehicles comply with regulatory requirements.” As the article notes that wasn’t exactly a confirmation that the car will have a backup camera.

2018 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider 360 Side View

From Alfa Romeo’s USA website, a picture of a 4C coupe. I’m not sure I like the look, but I’m not sure I don’t, either. In person, they sure don’t look like anything else on the road, which has to be a point in Alfa’s favor.

Alfa is supposedly about to introduce a 6C model, which would represent the return of an iconic Alfa name. The company could stop selling the 4C without a backup camera and just wait to import the 6C that would have such a camera.

What do you think of federal regulations such as mandating a backup camera? What about mandating that the drivers seat in an automobile be a Faraday Cage so that drivers are unable to text or surf the Internet while driving? I think the latter would save far more lives than the former.


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