OK, this number is almost exclusively under my control, but this is the 100th post on this blog. I don’t have any profound thoughts (do I ever?) so what do I write? Well, 100 years ago today the US Postal Service began the first regular airmail service; the route was between New York City and Washington, DC.


Bill James and I have been friends for more than 30 years. Bill is the pioneer of the modern age of baseball analysis and, as such, has indirectly played a key role in the use of big data and analytics in all business. I asked him for his response to the Supreme Court decision that, basically, legalized sports gambling in the US. Part of his response was: “What 99% of people have not figured out yet is that it’s a far-reaching, sweeping decision, and ultimately people will forget that it had anything to do with gambling because of the other implications of the ruling.  The Supreme Court used THIS issue to say directly and forcefully that the Federal Government cannot force states to pass legislation or not pass legislation–a huge win for the Conservative faction of the court.” I replied: “All I was going to write was this: ‘The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.'” That, of course, is the 10th Amendment to the US Constitution.

Many people seem to forget that we live in a federal republic, not a unitary one. No state, or group of states, should be able to use the federal government to impose its will on other states.


OK, what would a Disaffected Musings post be without some car photos? I still think it’s too early in the evolution of this blog to post my Ultimate Garage (please start thinking about yours and feel free to post comments with your list), but here are the two cars that would probably head my list:

See the source image

See the source image

From expertautoappraisals.com a picture of a 1967 Chevrolet Corvette (top) and from racem.org a picture of a De Tomaso Longchamp (bottom). If my wonderful wife and I ever won a huge lottery jackpot (we do buy tickets from time to time), I think I could limit my car purchases to these two if need be. Of course, I would restomod the hell out of both cars. 🙂

By the way, I do not expect to win the lottery, which has been described as a tax on people who are bad at math. I am not bad at math, but if I don’t play the lottery my chances of winning are zero. If I do play my chances asymptotically approach zero.

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  1. I bought five chicken wings for $6 bucks yesterday. After I ate them, I was still hungry, so I went and had a quarter-pounder. At the end, I was still unsatified. Today I bought some Powerball tickets. I can fantasize about being rich for 48 hours. A movie ticket is $12. Value is in the eye of the beholder.

    Also, the people of the great state of Illinois are facing an added property tax in order to bail out the pensioneers. If I am going to be taxed, let it be for a shot at riches.


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