Don’t Take Anything For Granted

I had a medical procedure Thursday that required receiving anesthesia. Now, about 13 hours later, I cannot sleep. I have aches and pains all over and my stomach has decided to quit for the day so the last thing I ate (a tiny piece of chocolate covered halvah consumed 7 hours ago) is just sitting and laughing at me. Please don’t take your health for granted and please take care of yourself.


As I have written before, in my previous blog I listed seven cars that made up my Ultimate Garage and listed about the same number of cars that just missed the cut. I am thinking of a similar set of posts here, but perhaps in more detail. What do you think? I would very much like feedback.

This car is always one of the first two I think of:

See the source image

From a picture of a De Tomaso Longchamp. If you couldn’t tell, I LOVE the way this car looks and in its day it was a high performance car. What is the first car you think of when you think of cars you would love to own?


2 thoughts on “Don’t Take Anything For Granted

  1. Hi, do you receive my comments? As little and as uninformed I am regarding the topic of this blog.
    The car I owned that was my favorite was when Pontiac made the first (to my knowledge) rounded body. In the 70’s I think. It had a sunroof, my first.
    As to what I would like to have. I do not have a dream car anymore.


    1. I receive an email with a notice that a comment has been submitted. I have to approve all comments before they appear. I can also log into my WordPress account and post comments and replies.


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