Kicked To The Curbside

In yesterday’s post I made a recommendation of Curbside Classic, an automotive website. I retract that recommendation. (A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. I am entitled to change my mind and, no, there’s nothing wrong with the one I have. Well, I don’t think so.)

The comments on the posts on Curbside Classic (and many of the posts as well) are, almost without exception, exercises in bashing the US auto industry. The posters like to point out that US auto executives, and other corporation higher-ups, like to blame the government for everything when, according to the commenters all bad things that happen to companies are the fault of the companies. Sorry, but the world is NOT that simple. Government is hardly blameless, but as an institution of imperfect human beings it cannot be anything but imperfect. The same goes for companies, large and small.

In 1963, no one could have predicted the Arab Oil Embargo of 1973. No one can predict the timing of economic downturns. The struggles of large companies and large industries almost never have just one cause. Once again, placing all of the blame for corporate struggles on the corporations is another instance of engaging in impossible distillations of reality.

For example, for many years after the Corvair “episode” many members of Congress wanted to severely punish General Motors and the entire US auto industry. As you probably know, many Congressmen have very long tenures (no term limits in the US, unfortunately IMO) and know that they need to appear as if they are serving the interests of their constituents.

Born-again Christians are sure that you’re doomed if you haven’t accepted Jesus of Nazareth as your savior. (I will not use the more common name as I don’t believe the story.) Actually, that belief is just an opinion. SJWs (Social Justice Warriors, if you didn’t know) are just as narrow-minded as those they criticize because SJWs think everyone has to share their worldview. Well, their worldview is just an opinion.

I don’t have a monopoly on truth and wisdom. I don’t have a monopoly on good taste or good judgment. I don’t think anyone who has ever lived has a monopoly on anything. Whatever I have learned about the world is because I realize that I do not and cannot know everything.


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