An exception to every rule

First…someone commented about the Opel GT saying that the car was actually introduced at an auto show in 1965 and so it was older than the C3 Corvette. Not sure why that point was relevant, but the C3 Corvette was derived from the Mako Shark II concept car that was also first shown in 1965. Besides, the first model year for the Opel GT was 1969 and the first model year for the C3 Corvette was 1968. I didn’t post the comment because…because…well, because of grammar and spelling and I can’t edit comments.

I have not driven a vehicle with a manual transmission in 40 years. As I have posted many times, I strongly believe that modern automatics are so good they’ve made manuals obsolete. Almost every car sold in the US (95%-97%) has an automatic and a higher-up at BMW (wish I could remember his name or find the comment) recently said in an interview that he believed manuals would not be available in Europe six or seven years from now.

All that being said, if I were to somehow acquire this car I would reacquaint myself with manuals:

See the source image

From a picture of a Honda S2000 in Imola Orange. I LOVE this car. My wonderful wife and I have a running gag where every time I see one I say, “Did you know that I love these cars?” and she answers, “Really? I had no idea.”

Once again, I am not exactly sure why I have such an affinity for the Honda S2000 and, once again, I’m not sure it really matters. All of these cars—all 110,000 of them—were sold with manual transmissions. About 60% of S2000s were sold in the US so they are not super-rare, but are certainly not a common sight.

Honda began production of this car in 1999 as a 50th birthday present to itself. Production ended in 2009. Only three of these are currently listed for sale on Hemmings, not counting auction cars, and the asking prices range from $16,000 to $36,595.

Maybe one of these days…


4 thoughts on “An exception to every rule

  1. My nephew, the spoiled brat, had one. He lost it due to youthful douchiness. Now that he is a married man, he kicks himself.


    1. First, I just realized that I can edit comments. That is both good and bad, I guess, like everything else in life, but I apologize to the reader who commented on the Opel GT and whose comment was deleted without being posted.

      Yes, I think I would be upset if I had once owned an S2000 and then lost it due to foolishness. Youth is usually wasted on the young.


  2. Do you actually like the orange paint? Or you just like the car and would take one in any color?


    1. I love the car and I love this color on the car. I’m not sure if I would like the same color on a really big car like a 1953 Cadillac, but I’m not sure I wouldn’t.


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