Monday Musings

Taking a break from cars today…

Maurice, long-time friend and frequent poster of comments on this blog, sent me this picture. Why?

My wonderful wife and I subscribe to DirecTV, which comes with Pandora. I seldom listen to music on my TV, but yesterday I selected the Jean-Luc Ponty channel and the third song that played was School Days by Stanley Clarke. I might not have survived my first semester in college without that song; I played it almost every day—much to the chagrin of my dorm neighbors, no doubt—after I returned to my dorm after classes.

I can listen to School Days anytime I want, but when it played on the TV yesterday I got goosebumps. I sent this story to Maurice via text and he sent me the picture.

I don’t listen to music as much as I used to. Whether that’s cause or effect for my malaise I cannot say. Perhaps it’s both. As yesterday’s events show, however, music still moves me.