Good News and Bad News

For General Motors, March of 2018 seems like it was a good month. Sales were up almost 16 percent to about 300,000 vehicles to remain the best-selling “car” company in the US. However, if you’re a car person like me, and not a fan of SUVs and pickup trucks the data is disturbing.

Corvette sales slumped to just about 2,100 and Camaro was trounced in the “Pony Car Wars” by both Mustang (about 8,600 sold, although that was a decline of about 5 percent) and Challenger (8,100); only 5,200 Camaros were sold, a 26 percent decline.

See the source image

See the source image

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What am I missing? Both cars, but particularly the Corvette, are very appealing both visually and in terms of performance. For the money, the Corvette is the best performance car in the world.

I understand that Americans no longer have to choose between interior room and gas mileage as modern drivetrains are very efficient AND gas prices are low and stable, at least for now. However, as I have written before, in a country with so much wealth and so many empty-nester families I do not understand why SUVs and pickup trucks have completely taken over the market at the expense of all other vehicles.