SMH, again…



3 thoughts on “SMH, again…

  1. The solution is to educate your child to begin the habit early in their career. Once my salary increased, my savings did, not my spending. And once my daughter’s car and a “lifestyle” loan is paid off, there will be an even bigger increase.


    1. So, if I understand your message correctly you are saying that for most people who don’t save it’s more a matter of they won’t than they can’t. I agree, but that is a very politically incorrect message.


  2. Saving really is a choice, 7-11 coffee vs Starbucks, buying four Bob Evans breakfast sandwiches from the grocery store vs one from McDonald’s, buying a refurb from Amazon vs new from Best Buy. People spend more than me researching their Final Four brackets than the house they buy. Sorry if people do not want to hear the truth.


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